Sunday, 11 January 2015


Dear friends and family...
2015 is already AWESOME!

HOME MADE! ;D ~ Dausen made most of this snowman... Miles and Corine finished it with him. :)
Hi! :D This is Corine writing... yes, I AM FINALLY WRITING A LETTER! :D I know it has been a LONG time, and I am so sorry. I do miss and love you tons! In addition to future visits, hopefully there will be many more awesome letters to to come. ;D

Well... Another year has come and gone… and my family and I are SO EXCITED about the coming year! :D …SO THANKFUL for life! For 2014. For the good. The friends. The sunshine! The snow!!!! :D (Seriously, we keep playing hide and seek in our backyard at night... somehow it is just so much fun in the snow! :D)

I'm sitting here now, thinking of the past year and all the experiences given to us in that glorious year...I'm also thinking fondly of the coming year. I love starting over and leaving past mistakes and weaknesses behind... ;) I also love goal setting, and having a blank calendar, in which to plan NEW experiences to fill it up with! :) I know... The excitement I feel for New Years seems to be similar to that of a child's! And And I FEEL almost like a child... like a child on Christmas Eve... wondering what surprises are in store for me! :D

Are you excited? Have you set any New Years Goals? Before I set goals, I take a little time to reflect on the year behind. :) Ahem...

2014 has been filled with ups and downs –  it has left its mark! The beginning of 2014 was fraught with much struggling in our family – between finances and health issues – the refiners’ fire is very real... The Lord has work to do! ;)

Still… LIFE HAS BEEN AMAZING! :D And we are learning so much! If you have seen the furnace of affliction  in the Moore home this year… rest assured, the Moore family is happy and in good hands! :D If you haven't seen it, you aren't missing anything! ;) There will be many wonderful stories to share of greater interest! :)

Here are a few changes and experiences resulting in 2014…

In April we learned of a teen boy named Damien in need of a home; he moved in and is with us still. It has been a pleasure to watch him grow from kid to young adult! It seems that longer he is with us the more we may annoy him :o. Regardless, he is still working his way into our hearts and we may soon count him as one of our own – giving him, yet another family to love and be loved by. :)

A few months after Damien moved in Devry decided to spread his wings and fly the coop – to southern Idaho, with his second family, the Byrds. We love the Byrds, and are SO happy that Devry is still near “family” while away from home. He has since moved in with Joshua and Nina (previously Byrd) and their little caboose, Aaron – still, Devry visits the Byrds frequently... We love and miss you so much, Devry, and are anxious to come visit you soon! :D AND, when I talked to him a week ago he was about to move into his own place! Wow! My baby boy is growing up so fast!!!! :o

Dausen is back to drawing again, and the family is excited about that. He is such an amazing artist! He enjoys photography as well, and has a brand new Deviant Art website. Since he and Devry share passions (art and photography) Dausen was anxious to get Devry on Deviant Art as well. He was successful, and both now enjoy sharing their photography and art with the world as well as with each other. Dausen also recently decided to try facial hair on for size. Mom got him a beard trimmer for Christmas, and my goodness does he look good! :D (Seriously handsome! And I am NOT prejudice! ;)

Levi turned 16 this year and couldn't wait to get a “real job.” He has been working at Jimmy John’s since and loves it. It is a very small part time job, which is just perfect for a homeschooling high school student. Levi recently opened a savings account to help him save for his mission (he still has another year of school after this one). He also attends Mission Preparation class each week, and is attending early morning seminary and studying his scriptures every day. We are SO happy that he is preparing! :D Levi is such a good kid and it is so much fun watching him grow up to be awesome like his siblings! :)

I have been building clientele as a housekeeper, and my schedule is now officially FULL. I keep saying that though, then adding another job! LOL :D - Miles and I may partner together with a couple of my jobs, and maybe even add some more! :) We are both very excited about that! I'm so lucky to have a husband who wants to help me! :) (BTW - Miles and I are getting really good at supporting each other and working together as a team, and it is SO GREAT! :)

Adding the cleaning jobs to my schedule has been a transition for my schedule, but it is getting easier and the longer I do it the better I get at managing my time. Finding time to both socialize and exercise both became challenging with this new transition to working more... Thankfully, Heavenly Father is blessing and helping me with both of these issues.. Already, in the wee beginning of 2015, I have just started running again with TWO different friends... I AM NOW EXERCISING AND SOCIALIZING, and at the SAME TIME!!! ~ 2015 is going to be AWESOME! :D Time to start training for another half marathon! :)

As for Jan 1, 2015 - Miles is still planning to keep busy working Sail Marine, and to have me with him at the sailboat shop during the busy season as much as I can (We love to work together! :D). We are also expanding the business together this year to promote freeze dried and dehydrated foods and other EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS supplies (through THRIVE); AND we hope to start helping people with their health with magnetic therapy (through NIKKEN) as well. These are to be Miles’ new winter work sources, with me as his lovely assistant. :) About a week ago we hosted our first classes at the Sail Marine store (cooking, emergency preparedness, and meal in a jar classes). Let us know if you need anything, and please share the word with others who need what we have... we'd love to help! :)

Speaking of sailing related news… In 2014 Miles organized a new Sea Scout Ship, and roped me into being a leader as well (co-ed requires both male and female leaders). I consented with a small amount of trepidation about having enough time; but the summer was so much fun with Sea Scout Activities (family included), I decided that Miles was a genius to start the ship. It is so great to offer service to community members and to get to know people and make new friends! :D - Check out the family blog in the coming week to see posts about the fun we had in 2014! :)

BTW. Miles is THE most amazing sailor and adventure trip organizer I know! ;) WE ARE SO BLESSED TO HAVE HIM IN OUR LIVES! :D - If interested in ideas for fun sailing and or swimming, camping, or hiking activities in the Inland Northwest, you may want to check out our calendar of events this past year (go to the Sail Marine website – and look for the “calendar” tab. Sea Scout activities are marked with the following symbol...

Oh yes... I am still a Family Research Consultant on a weekly basis, and super thankful for the calling and great friends that I make there at the center. I LOVE YOU FAMILY HISTORY FAMILY! :D


Mindy will also be moving soon, as she FINALLY just finished her mission paperwork!!! :D All that remains is for her to finish paying off her medical and dental bills and then the paperwork can be sent to the First Presidency, and she should hear from them very quickly after that.

MINDY has been a very independent girl her whole life, but time is ticking, and I know she would be MOST THANKFUL even for small contributions if anyone would like to send her a few bucks to help pay the medical bills or to help with some of the monthly funding while she is out. Please do not feel badly if you can not. Thank you for your love, we all do our best with what we have to offer…

As soon as Mindy’s call arrives I will post about it on the Moore Memoir blog. I need to do better with making family memories, and keeping n contact with friends and family, so this is my attempt to do better with both. Please come visit us there! (Yes, it still exists, along with the old one in which I ramble on about all kinds of things!) I think I will set a “New Year’s Resolution” to post weekly or at least bi-weekly this year!!! :o – I also have a goal to write a few posts about a few special events of 2014… feel welcome to read if you are interested.

As a family, we thank the Lord for our lives, each other, for you, and for this wonderful year! And we thank Him for continuing to bless and be with each and every one of us in the coming New Year… We pray you have a very Happy and Productive New Year! :D

Please let us know how YOU are doing!!! We would love to hear from you!!! :)

Love and Hugs,
The Moore Family :D