Sunday, 19 May 2013

Spring Has Sprung! :)

Friday, May 17, 2013
I know, it's been a couple weeks since I have been here. Spring has sprung!  And with spring comes spring cleaning (though I really mostly dream of more time for that this spring :o); the family business begins to weave it's way back into our daily lives again and I'm having fun helping Miles a little here and there with the map he is making (that man is amazingly talented!); Mindy and I actually have to plan what time of day to run now that the days are getting hotter - or raining - ; and lately I have also been busy putting in my garden (and playing with the cute little neighbor boys who love to help out with the garden :)...

I also enjoyed Mothers Day. Miles made me a little card which he shaped like a flower and draped over the stems of a few wild flowers he picked for me. I was really happy about that; I love wild flowers! :) He also gave me another dark chocolate truffle bar. YUM! :D
     Mindy is making me a couple more aprons and is buying me some makeup of my choice. :o I think she has an issue with spoiling! ;) The best gift she gave me is a letter on a big scrapbook page; it is the most complimentary letter I think I have ever received! I was TOTALLY "WOW'ED" by the image/vision she gave me of myself as she told me how others see me. Sapere Vedere. This is really something, since I am about to give a talk about seeing others as they can become. Again, this further inspires me to pray to see others as God does - as we may become; for He truly sees (and therefore inspires us to see and become) the best in each and every one of us. :D
    PS. I wrote "To the Weary on Mothers Day" on my other blog...

Saturday, May 18, 2013
I finally put pictures in the frames on the living-room wall! :D I just keep looking at them and smiling... There is still one large frame waiting for a family photo; we still need to either get someone to take a photo of our family, or take a tripod with us on our outings to get that one; but we will! :D 

Sunday, May 19, 2013
Yesterday our family was blessed to be visited by friends (who feel like family - they are totally family! :) They took a couple of our kids home with them to visit. I can hardly wait for my turn, but won't have to wait long! :D

Today I gave a talk in Sacrament. It was self inflicted. :) A couple weeks ago I told the Bishop's counselors about a conference talk titled "See Others as They May Become" (given by the President Thomas S. Monson at General conference in November of 2012) and how that would be a great one to have someone give a talk on this month while we are talking about missionary work. One counselor looked at the other and said, "That sounds like a volunteer to me. What do you think?" I laughed and said I could do it if they wanted me to, which they did... :) It was a super great talk and I'm happy to have been blessed with the opportunity to share it. I just really hope that I did OK and pray to become a great speaker so I can inspire and uplift and invite the spirit; I hope I didn't put anyone to sleep. :o

After church today, Miles and the two that are still with us went to visit some new young friends of ours (early 20's). I am so happy to have been invited there! Dausen had a really good time too... so cool! :D

I will be brief, for there is much to do at the moment. In fact, I think I'll just throw down a few photos at the end of this post and say what really matters...

 I love my family dearly, and am so thankful to be a wife and mother! :D

PS. On Thursday night, May 16th, Mindy and I both ran at night. We stayed close to home and ran in strange - back and forth patters, so passed each other going opposite directions a couple of times, then walked together for our cool downs. It was fun! :) I love my grown up little girl! :D

Hugs to you all...
Corine :D

A couple more of our hike on Tubs Hill on Easter... (Yes, I ADORE Tubs Hill! :)

Mindy's fish and salsa...
Mindy's gluten free pizza with feta and cashews (much better than it looks) ... Yum! :D
Mindy's Homemade Coconut Macaroons (also GF)... Triple YUM! :)
I hope we don't miss Mindy's cooking too much while she is away! :o 
Looks like a week of cooking for me! :)
 Enough for now...
Catch you again soon.

Corine :D