Saturday, 3 December 2016

Old "Recent Family Tidbits" ;)

Hello World! :D (I have NO IDEA who will read this! I just like to write. ;))

Well, I haven't had a computer in A LONG TIME. It is so sad that I missed so much time to work on the family blog (and the missionary blog). But, I finally got my computer fixed, so now I just have to develop habits again (or just get on randomly again like I used to. lol ;o)

Here is an OLD post I wrote but never posted, most likely some time in February. lol :D I know it's old news, but hey, it's about my awesome family and I want to remember the little stuff... and besides, you never saw it, so here you go! ;D 

NOTE: I did make one change to the old text, today. I crossed out a line and added a new one in after it. Feeling like I could not yet do what I said I would do, discouraged me. It seemed like if I progressed that slowly, I wouldn't really be progressing, anyway... and so I stopped playing. 

But in October (half a year later) I reminded myself that EVERYTHING WE DO MATTERS. And even when it seems like it isn't enough, if it is all you can do IT IS ENOUGH. And it DOES make a difference! 

OK. Enough of that. On with the old news (then titled, "Recent!" ;) - February-ish 2015 -

Recent Family Tidbits...

Levi recently decided to learn how to play a song on the piano. He had never played before. But look at him now! :D

I have also been playing piano. I WISH it was an hour a day. It's more like, maybe an hour or so each week (so far - but hopefully I will find an hour a day to spend at the piano soon)  (hey - it still add's up! It all helps! ;)). I'm working my way through a Junior Hannon book (at the half way point today); and I LOVE it! I have been wondering my whole life what Major and Minor Scales are. Today I learned and practiced playing C Major and A Minor Scales. I'm so excited! :D Playing musical instruments is REALLY good for forcing the right and left sides of the brain to work together! (I'm just guessing this, as it is QUITE a bit more challenging to read sheet music on two different staffs and play both hands at the same time. Whew! Quite a task! :o) I'm hoping I get super smart from playing! ;P

Our family got a package in the mail today... from Mindy. She sent it the beginning of Dec. It was supposed to get to us before Christmas. LOL What a fun surprise! :D

Dausen asked me if I could make Valentine Cookies. I asked him to make them with me. We made big, frosted hearts today. :) I love that boy SO MUCH! He is as sweet as ever! :D We have a wonderful family!! :D

Oh, and Devry is a cashier at Super One now! :D Dausen and I got in his line at the store today. I was a turkey and said something that probably embarrassed him. :o Oh well. He's a survivor! ;o

Happy Day to you all!

Corine :D

December 3, 2016 - And so, for the past two months I have been playing again. Not for an hour a day or even a half hour or even every day, but when ever I can, for as long as I can. :) And I AM improving again. :)


The BEST Advent Calendar / Christmas Countdown - IN THE WORLD! :)

Hi world! :D

...Want to see and participate in THE BEST Christmas countdown / Advent Calendar IN THE WORLD? :D

THIS is the BEST one I have ever seen! So I want to share it with you. I think it could ignite the Christmas Spirit in even the most "ba humbug" of them all! ;) And if you start late... (like I did; I just started two days late :o), just double up a little here and there and you can still experience it all! ;) Merry CHRISTmas! :D

PS. There are daily videos to watch and there is an advent calendar you can download for free as well. Just go to or and click on "Light the World." Merry Christmas! :D

Corine :)

Thursday, 12 May 2016

And... We're Having Sunshine and Rainbows Today! :D


Today is a good day! :)

  • I rode my bike about 10 miles, after riding 32ish yesterday... it felt GREAT! :)
  • I made GOOD FOOD for my family for dinner... gluten free spaghetti! :D (and liver and onions). The spaghetti "noodles" were simply spaghetti squash. *By the way... Dausen was happy because it was fun eating the squash “noodles” out of the squash bowl. He thanked me for dinner and said he likes “fun” food. :D (Man I LOVE that guy! :D His appreciation and attitude of having fun are SO MUCH FUN for me to watch!)

  • My mind became clearer today about how I might want to spend my time. Improvements for my schedule and home routine are gelling beautifully in my mind.

I think this last one is, in part, because I am mentally working dinner preparations back into my life. Making dinner no longer feels like “the bane of my existence!” Now... it feels like an awesome part of my “work” day, in which I GET to do part of my work AT HOME, for the LOVE of my family!!! :D

*sigh... Working OUT of my house a little, REALLY makes me appreciate working IN my home more! :)

Love you, friends and family! :) I hope your day is filled with sunshine and rainbows, too! :D

Corine :D

Thursday, 11 February 2016



I have been experiencing something wonderful in my life that I really want to share with you... I hope this writing isn't boring; because you just never know... what I am experiencing may end up blessing you, too! :)

First of all, I have been riding my bike, stationary in my bedroom, every morning for 35 minutes at the start of each day (excluding the Holy Sabbath), since January 29 (it will be two weeks tomorrow! :D). I have only missed one day. :)

Me on my bike right after Miles surprised me with it. Isn't he a sweetie? :D
It may not seem like much, but this small act it is changing my life. I decided to do it for only 35 minutes for ONE reason... to break my behind in so I can do more. ;) I have since determined that it was really GOOD that I set the time to be short... it makes consistency when trying to redevelop a habit more doable. ;) I have also since determined that once I get back to  serious triathlon training on the road again, I will continue to do small bit of exercise in the quiet of my home each morning. :)

I hope I can help you understand why I don't want to give this up, and how it could be a great idea for you.

My new - Life Altering Habit :D

Perhaps the BEST benefit of biking indoors on my stationary bike comes with it's partner activities... Or maybe it's the powerful combination of having ALL of these together at the start of each new day and throughout the day...

Each morning as prepare to I exercise my body I lay my personal computer before me and download scriptures and a General Conference talk to listen to while I pedal. I listen to the same chapter or talk at least twice, paying close attention, and sometimes listen a third time after showering and while changing clothes and preparing for the day. Then I ponder upon those scriptures while I work, asking the Lord to help me understand and apply what I am learning to my life. I also ask the Lord to show me what I can do to improve myself to be a better Disciple of Jesus Christ (What Lack I Yet?”), and where I should focus my time and energy.

This new habit has given my mind and body a very fresh start for each new day and is changing the way I feel. I've exercised A LOT in my life, and I've read scriptures A LOT, too. But this is a whole new experience!

I am starting to FEEL LIGHTER AND FREER! My mind is clear. I know my purpose. I am not bogged down with activities that promise to deliver and fall short. Other activities are less appealing to me now. And I gotta say... Less is definitely More... :) After examining my life and committing to doing the little things that really matter most then adding ONLY what fits peacefully into my life... I do less, and accomplish more. I waste less time on internet sites. I talk to people in real life more. I even relax more with my family! :) AND I AM LEARNING. :D I AM BECOMING! Nothing feels better than the feeling of PROGRESSION in life!!! :D

Maybe I shouldn't say this is changing my life. The activities etc. I had before doing this, remain. Almost everything in my life is the same, really. But doing this is changing ME! And that changes how my life looks and feels! :)

I have scriptures running through my mind throughout the day, which is causing me to live a more Christ Centered life. I have more peace. I have more hope for overcoming my weaknesses, and more strength and faith for the process. More JOY in the process.

And WHAT IS the process??

One of the talks I listened to reminded me that I need to be humble enough to ask the lord what I lack (what keeps me from moving forward); and then be faithful enough to act on His answer. As I enjoy and take care of my family I try to intertwine these two things... including the Lord in all I do on a more personal level. 

Through pondering upon the scriptures, the Lord is currently teaching me a concept that I have not understood throughout my life (no, it is not the concept of asking what I lack then doing what the Lord counsels; but that is a principle that I used to help me learn this concept I'm not revealing). NOT knowing this principle caused a certain negative experience to REPEAT itself, over and over again throughout my life.

The last time this negative experience BEGAN to take place, the Holy Spirit REMINDED me of this newly learned principle; and I FINALLLY knew HOW to RESPOND appropriately. :D (This is a great blessing to my family! ;))


I know, Miles... you already think I'm wonderful! ;) But you gotta admit, we ALL have room for change/repentance. :)

Friends and family... if you haven't tried this process, you might consider giving it a try! It is life changing!!! I FEEL SO HAPPY ABOUT LIFE as a result of it!!! :D (OK. Yeah. Life was already great. But it can always be greater. Eh? ;)

I hope you try it and that it blesses you in your life too! :)

I love you all!
Corine :D

PS. Here is a link to a stream of photos I found of fathers seeing their babies for the first time...

Aren't they wonderful? :D

I hope you enjoy! :D

Friday, 25 September 2015

Counting Blessings - Simple Joys of the Day... :)

...So many simple, sweet joys in life! ... SO BLESSED! :D

Today one of my 20 year old sons suggested we have a family picnic at a nearby park. So we did. :D I LOVE that my young adults WANT to do things with our family!!!

Yesterday a couple cool things happened as well (I'll save the biggest and best for last)...

Miles and I rode around the lake, and I did it in 1 hour and 39 minutes... AND I felt GREAT, had no soreness, and did it in just four minutes longer than my record time! Either I am getting back in shape faster than I realized, or the dark chocolate and Gatorade gels I had before and during the ride gave me a ton of energy! ;D Anyhow, I know it doesn't REALLY matter, but I'm so excited about it so just had to share! :)

The bigger and better thing that happened was that when Miles and I got home, Devry, Dausen, and Levi were all in the driveway cleaning and vacuuming out the suburban! 

We recently put the Suburban up for sale, and just as we were about to go biking we got a phone call about someone wanting to look at it; so I asked Dausen to clean it so Miles and I wouldn't have to miss our much needed bike ride. :) 

With a cheerful yes, we left with confidence (we KNEW we could count on Dausen; he is a hard worker and is ALWAYS reliable!) 

I only asked Dausen to do the work, since Levi had studies and Devry tore a muscle behind one of his knees - making it really challenging to walk and stand...

I thought it great, though, that Levi and Devry helped as well, regardless of not being askedregardless of difficulty (Devry's torn muscle) regardless of having lots of homework to do (Levi), and regardless of Dausen being cheerfully willing to do it all alone. And they did a very detailed, AMAZING job! 

And then there is the full time Missionary service going on! Can you believe Mindy is serving the Lord full time in Japan! :D  It is still so awesome I keep celebrating! ;D

(Photo below - the day Mindy went to the Spokane Temple in preparation for her mission service...) 


What great kids - All of them! :D 

I am a blessed mama, and I love my sweet family, so much! :D 

Corine :D

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Mindy in Japan! :D

Mindy arrived safely in Japan. Here's the proof! ;)

I received the above photos with a nice letter from the Japan Tokyo Mission President. :)

A few days later (on P-day) I received the following photos from Mindy! :D (only a few came through, sorry!)

Grocery Store in Japan

The yellow bike is Mindy's. She is REALLY happy about it! :)

Mindy is so happy to be serving the people of Japan. She LOVES them, and says so much good about them. :) I'm so happy for her - and for them to have her!!! :D

She is currently in Kisarazu, which is a little town in the area of Chiba South, and the southern most part of the Tokyo Mission. She is SO HAPPY to be RIGHT THERE, as it is smaller than the rest, and near the bay. She is super excited to be near water and have the breeze from the ocean to cool the air! (Mindy LOVES water!!! Which I think is just dandy, because I happen to love it, too! :))

The people there seem to be as fascinated with her as she is of them. They frequently comment on her white skin and beautiful teeth. I think she is enjoying the attention. ;)

By the way, Mindy is teaching children to speak Japanese! :) The church has free classes and the Missionaries teach them. She is REALLY enjoying that!

The next pic is of Mindy and her roommates at the MTC. I accidentally added it here, and liked it so well I left it! :D

She probably took photos of Japanese friends as well, but these were the only photos she sent that I could see. No worries... more to come! :)

Corine! :D

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Obituary - "Patty Jo" / Patricia Joanne Stanford (January 14, 1948 - August 14 2015)

I don't know how, but this didn't get posted when I wrote it, so here it is now... Better late than never! :D...

Well, friends. My sweet mama is finally home. :) I have cried many times already. I know I will cry many more times in my life, for missing her... I will miss her dearly.
However, this passing is not a tragedy. It is as big a blessing as birth was. She came to fulfill a purpose, and she fulfilled it. And now she is in Spiritual Paradise with loved ones who passed on before her. I know she was especially excited to see her mother. :) 
I will tell you more about my sweet mama and her life (and funeral) later. For now, I give you the obituary, which I FINALLY wrote today (No one else in the family took me up on it, so I get the honor once more! ;)

Patricia Joanne Stanford, devoted mother of 8, and big sister to a brother and two sisters… peacefully completed her mortal journey of 67.5 years on July 14, 2015, in the presence of her daughter, Corine, in HaydenIdaho. Patricia was born January 14, 1948 in Yakima Washington to Ruth Payne, and Lewis G Koehler (who she would have the pleasure of meeting by phone later in life).

Want to know what it is like to be Patty Jo/Patricia Joanne?
Start singing and pounding on the piano when you are just a baby. And dance as soon as your body can wiggle. Go on to become an amazing composer at the piano, and while still in your youth, play for the queen of Canada… all the while thinking you are just playing for “that nice lady in the royal family.”
Get on the bus with your mom, and go from church to church, repeatedly from toddler to teen, SEARCHING for more truth. Rejoice and be baptized when you finally find the one that has it all; love it with your whole heart and never look back!
Pretend your baby sister is your own, along with the 8 or so dolls lined up on your bed, and dream with everything you have that it will be real one day… Make that dream come true by later bearing 8 beautiful children of your own. Home school them all, and pour your everything into them, with all the excitement of a child still playing with dolls…
Raise those kids in the COUNTRY, giving them lots of chores, and plenty of time to develop talents and explore and build forts outdoors… or in. Use a cow bell to call them with because they are going to have a HUGE area in which to run and play, and they won’t hear you if you call!
TRAIN THEM to look out the window for approaching cars, and then yell to each other when they see one, “CAR! Someone’s coming!” then watch them tidy up the house like their life depended upon it! ;) Smile, because the kids did it all, and you didn’t have to say a word!
TRAIN THEM in the GOSPEL – through example, word, and weekly Family Home Evening’s. Devote your life to living and sharing the gospel, and to serving the Lord with everything you have! Teach your children to memorize scriptures, and to “serve the Lord with gladness” when they are only four!
MAKE MUSIC! SING the kids to sleep while they are little, with a family famous bed time song of your own making. When they are older, lull them to sleep at their request via the PIANO, preferably with Clair de Lune, or one of your own AMAZING COMPOSITIONS… PLAY the piano with such FEELING that you move your family to tears when they hear YOU play! When they are awake, sing WITH them, even at special public occasions... 
SERVE everyone you meet. Let people come live in your home, too! Even if they are bedridden, or need a great deal of help for any reason; love it! Be sure they know you love having them there! :D Love it so well that your children love it, too, and feel honored and blessed to help you serve…
TEACH children and grandchildren to play the piano and to learn the gospel of Jesus Christ. Love children and love teaching them – Most of all... Love the children, even if they don’t let you teach them!!! ;)
CLEAN more than any 10 people, AND LOVE IT! Do it to classical music. Make the house shine “like the top of the Chrysler building!” ;) Gather your family together to study the scriptures daily, and teach them to be clean in spirit and mind, and not just in body and home – and to strive to prevent messes, and to clean them up quickly… especially by way of repentance, daily; and renewing of covenants weekly!
STRIVE to keep ALL the commandments, especially the two greatest… to LOVE God with all your heart, might, mind, and strength; and love others as you love yourself! Study Christ’s words, so much and so well that you become a Scriptorian, and your pages are no longer white from being marked so much! LIVE what you learn and what you preach! PRAY every day, repeatedly, every time you wake, eat, leave the house, do something important, or sleep. Teach your kids to do the same. LEARN that God loves you, and doesn’t expect you to attain perfection in this lifehe only expects you to try! ;)
Go to the TEMPLE as often as you can. Be sealed to your family there, and be THANKFUL for it! Make and keep sacred covenants there, and feel honored and blessed for the privilege of doing so!
ENDURE WELL by making “overcoming” a lifetime pursuit. Transform weaknesses to strengths to the very end, so well that when your Savior DOES call you home, your family knows you are as ready as you ever will be; and no one is more ready to meet your maker than you are!
Watch through spiritual eyes, and see that, though they will miss you dearly, your children are at peace … Know that they will keep smiling, and be so happy for you that you have FINALLY RETURNED HOME! :D
Patty is survived by her husband, Larry Stanford; three daughters Carolyn (Spencer) Wescott, Corine (Miles) Moore and Kalah (Scott) Neff; five sons Benjamin (Jennifer) Stanford, Aaron (Olivia) Stanford, Eli (Shelby) Stanford, Nathan (Yolanda) Stanford, and David Stanford; two sisters Janice Howell, and Judy Vanhammen; 25 grandchildren; and 1 great-grandchild. She was preceded in death by her parents and one brother, John Herman.
NOTE to Patty from her children: ♥We love you mom! Thank you for your unconditional love and exemplary life!!! We will do everything in our power to work hard, overcome, endure to the end as you did, and to finally “return with honor” one day, too… :D
MEMORIALS: Patty was constantly stating that she wished she could send money each month to help support grandchildren on their missions. The family therefore suggests that memorials may be made to the Missionary Fund of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, for Patricia's grand daughter, Mindy Moore, or any other young missionaries currently serving... 
President Carl W. Knight, Coeur d'Alene YSA Branch 3951 19th St., Coeur d'Alene ID. 83815
Place of Disposition: Mountain View Cemetery, 4259 E Hwy 54 AtholIdaho.

Doesn't mom look AMAZING here? The last couple months of her life she was healthier than she had been IN A VERY LONG TIME! It was AMAZING to see miracle after miracle occur in her life. Ultimately the kidneys gave in, but she was still VERY BLESSED to enjoy AMAZING HEALTH IMPROVEMENTS before she passed. I AM SO HAPPY FOR HER!!! :)

Mama's last family photo with me and my family :D
She was very excited to take these! So were we! :D
I did not have time to shower first. :o It was very spontaneous. Mama wanted to do it, and do it "now."  She just sprung the idea upon us that morning, and we did it! Though I cringed when I looked in the mirror before the photos were taken, I wouldn't trade these photos for anything! I have family photos with my mama. :D