Friday, 6 September 2013

Summer of 2013!

I miss blogging like crazy!!! I can't believe it has been all summer that I haven't been over here keeping in touch and making memories! Yikes! I truly wish I could remember well and can do some kind of justice to the fun times we have had together as a family this summer!
Where do I start? You know what, I don't think I'm even going to try to catch up (not today anyhow). "Summer was busy. We had fun. And we worked a lot. And there is still a ton of work to do around here... :o" THERE. LOL :D I'll give you a few photos of summer fun and call it good. After all, how can I possibly write the activities and tender moments of an entire summer in one post? Besides, you know what they say... "A picture's worth a thousand words!" :D

Family Night... out for a walk and "Gooey" desert! :)

I just love this sign! :D
Works for Miles and I (and our growing into adulthood... children! :o ~ :D)

Family BBQ

Crazy, Bad-mitten game over the trampoline... ;)


Swimming while camping... :)

Camping at Whisky Rock off Lake Pend Oreille

One of Many beautiful camping photos by Dausen...
Yes, I am SCRUBBING the campsite table and benches! :)
(Probably the first wash in several years! :o)
The rest of the time I relaxed and had fun. It was great! :D

Perhaps I will come back to some of our summer moments and WRITE something. For now, I will be thankful for the moments, documented or not, and wish us all many more... 

Corine :D

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Spring Has Sprung! :)

Friday, May 17, 2013
I know, it's been a couple weeks since I have been here. Spring has sprung!  And with spring comes spring cleaning (though I really mostly dream of more time for that this spring :o); the family business begins to weave it's way back into our daily lives again and I'm having fun helping Miles a little here and there with the map he is making (that man is amazingly talented!); Mindy and I actually have to plan what time of day to run now that the days are getting hotter - or raining - ; and lately I have also been busy putting in my garden (and playing with the cute little neighbor boys who love to help out with the garden :)...

I also enjoyed Mothers Day. Miles made me a little card which he shaped like a flower and draped over the stems of a few wild flowers he picked for me. I was really happy about that; I love wild flowers! :) He also gave me another dark chocolate truffle bar. YUM! :D
     Mindy is making me a couple more aprons and is buying me some makeup of my choice. :o I think she has an issue with spoiling! ;) The best gift she gave me is a letter on a big scrapbook page; it is the most complimentary letter I think I have ever received! I was TOTALLY "WOW'ED" by the image/vision she gave me of myself as she told me how others see me. Sapere Vedere. This is really something, since I am about to give a talk about seeing others as they can become. Again, this further inspires me to pray to see others as God does - as we may become; for He truly sees (and therefore inspires us to see and become) the best in each and every one of us. :D
    PS. I wrote "To the Weary on Mothers Day" on my other blog...

Saturday, May 18, 2013
I finally put pictures in the frames on the living-room wall! :D I just keep looking at them and smiling... There is still one large frame waiting for a family photo; we still need to either get someone to take a photo of our family, or take a tripod with us on our outings to get that one; but we will! :D 

Sunday, May 19, 2013
Yesterday our family was blessed to be visited by friends (who feel like family - they are totally family! :) They took a couple of our kids home with them to visit. I can hardly wait for my turn, but won't have to wait long! :D

Today I gave a talk in Sacrament. It was self inflicted. :) A couple weeks ago I told the Bishop's counselors about a conference talk titled "See Others as They May Become" (given by the President Thomas S. Monson at General conference in November of 2012) and how that would be a great one to have someone give a talk on this month while we are talking about missionary work. One counselor looked at the other and said, "That sounds like a volunteer to me. What do you think?" I laughed and said I could do it if they wanted me to, which they did... :) It was a super great talk and I'm happy to have been blessed with the opportunity to share it. I just really hope that I did OK and pray to become a great speaker so I can inspire and uplift and invite the spirit; I hope I didn't put anyone to sleep. :o

After church today, Miles and the two that are still with us went to visit some new young friends of ours (early 20's). I am so happy to have been invited there! Dausen had a really good time too... so cool! :D

I will be brief, for there is much to do at the moment. In fact, I think I'll just throw down a few photos at the end of this post and say what really matters...

 I love my family dearly, and am so thankful to be a wife and mother! :D

PS. On Thursday night, May 16th, Mindy and I both ran at night. We stayed close to home and ran in strange - back and forth patters, so passed each other going opposite directions a couple of times, then walked together for our cool downs. It was fun! :) I love my grown up little girl! :D

Hugs to you all...
Corine :D

A couple more of our hike on Tubs Hill on Easter... (Yes, I ADORE Tubs Hill! :)

Mindy's fish and salsa...
Mindy's gluten free pizza with feta and cashews (much better than it looks) ... Yum! :D
Mindy's Homemade Coconut Macaroons (also GF)... Triple YUM! :)
I hope we don't miss Mindy's cooking too much while she is away! :o 
Looks like a week of cooking for me! :)
 Enough for now...
Catch you again soon.

Corine :D

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Moore Hiking (and Other Fun Movements :)

Hi! :D 

I can't believe it's already been a week since I last scrambled to get to the computer to meet my self imposed weekly deadline here on the "Moore Memoir"! :o

So, what is there to tell about? Well.... after church today I wanted to check on a friend whose phone is out of commission. To save time ( ;) - he he) I just put my roller blades on (rather than my shoes, or purse and car keys - OK CONFESSION HERE - The car died at EVERY stop on the way to church and back; we're out of gas. :o Good thing we live close to the church! So... I "HAD" to roller blade. ;) :o ~ Anyhow... Miles noticed that I didn't change out of my dress first - so he asked where the camera was and insisted "I have to get photos of this!"...

So there you have it! (I know, I AM uniquely CRAZY! :o)
Honestly though, I just don't get what all the fuss was about... ;o

(FYI - in case this looks a little "funny," I'll just let you know I was rollerblading BACKWARDS...There. Now that you know, this photo looks rather awesome (instead of funny) doesn't it? ;)
OK. Moving on to more important things... There really isn't too much to tell right now. Except that Devry and Levi both got new haircuts (and styles, similar to each others but they both do it their own way). Also, I finally started planting a few seeds indoors and am thrilled to soon be gardening again. I'll also let you know we're all VERY HAPPY to see spring! :D 

Today... I'll just share a few photos taken from a hike the kids and I went on and call it good...

(The other photos aren't edited, but Devry had some fun on this one... :)


We hope you never tire of seeing photos from Tubs Hill... (We obviously don't! LOL) I could pack up my things and  live there if it were at all practical (or legal). :o If you and your family are ever in need of hiking companions - you know how to get in touch with us! :)

Until next week...

Corine and family :D

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Weekend of Fun.. :)

It's Sunday night again, already? This week has just blown by. So much has gone on I can barely breath (let alone write about it). Life is busy and it can be really challenging to make time to blog, but I am really trying to be committed here :), so I'll write this post even if it is at bedtime on Sunday night! :o 

The highlight of the week for the girls was spending Friday and Saturday with Mindy. Miles spent time with the boys while we girls were away. Levi spent time with a friend on Friday night, then on Saturday Miles and the boys all had fun at the theatre and out to lunch. Way cool!

This was - A Well Deserved weekend of fun over here for the whole family! :D

This post is mostly about Time Out For Womenit was fabulous! :)

 I got to join the Staff on Friday with scanning tickets and ushering in happy women. :) The presentations were wonderful (as always). I feel so incredibly blessed that Mindy and I both got to go!!!!

 The view from where we sat - including the view of my shoes (Mindy's actually - but they were on my feet. ;)...

The TOFW theme this year is "Higher" and this is the scripture which accompanies it...

"So are my ways HIGHER than Your ways." Isaiah 55:9

The entire weekend was great - not just during the presentations, but also during lunch break! :D I know... who would have thought that even the lunch break would be great? We helped out with a service project (in which over 400 backpacks were filled with food for kids in need), then we goofed off. If you don't believe me about the "goofing off" just check the photos below. ;) (Sorry, I didn't think to take photos of the service project.)



As if we aren't goofy enough on our own ~
We're somehow even "Goofier" Ahem - I mean "Classier" TOGETHER than apart! ;)
I had so much fun taking photos that SEVERAL people behind us asked me to take photos for them as well. One person even thought it was part of my "job duties." :) LOL I love it! :D

The drive home was also AMAZING! Mindy surprised me by purchasing a CD for me, which we listened to on the way home and which really contributed to making the drive home a beautiful extension of the spiritual feast we had been enjoying together. Before the conference started I assumed the greatest spiritual moments would occur there during the conference, but I was wrong... Being there was wonderful, but it simply set the stage for something better - spiritual moments with my daughter as we discussed the principles that made the biggest impact on us both. I was floored as the feelings and teachings just continued to GROW after we left the conference... We were most definitely inspired to "Think Higher, Believe Higher, and Live Higher!" What an inspirational theme! :D

As soon as we got back from TOFW I dropped Mindy off for work (we sat in the parking lot and talked until the time came), then I went to Stake Conference with my husband. Today we went to conference again as a family. I loved it! It was extra special this time because it was a broadcast from Salt Lake, and the talks were fabulous! After church some dear friends stopped by to see us (who stayed for dinner), and we ended the day watching a movie together. Nice weekend! :) I'm a happy camper! :D

Time to close this post and get to bed! I'm tired... 
Have a great week, and see you soon... 

Corine :D

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Easter Sunday ~ 2013

Dear Friends and Family,

How great it has been catching up with you, and hearing back from some of you; thank you! :D I am nearing the end of "catch up" so you may not see me again here on this blog until next weekend (Remember to come back weekly on Sundays!). But I do have one more post in this catch-up series of  posts, and that is THIS POST - in which I remember how we spent our wonderful Easter day this year...

The best day of March was definitely Easter Sunday... 

We had a nice breakfast... :)

After using muffin tins I used tiny Bundt cake pans (narrower on the bottom); they worked great! :D
Then we went to church - and loved it! :D 

Of course, it being Easter and all, Miles and I stuffed a few plastic eggs with candy and let the "kids" hunt them down. :D ~ You're never too old to have fun! ;) We also enjoyed a little spiritual time as a family, watching a video about the Resurrection of Jesus Christ... 

In addition, we all went to Tubs Hill to enjoy the beautiful sunshine and spring time together as a family. We had three cameras with us, and had a wonderful and relaxing afternoon just taking photos of each other and the surroundings, and enjoying each others company. IT WAS SO NICE! :D We wished we had cut hair and dressed for photos because these are the only recent photos we have so a few of them are going up on the wall! (I'll show you the wall when I get it done.)

It was so much fun watching them take photos of each other (and themselves and each other). :)

Miles is such a great husband! ~ I REALLY want to take a new photo of the two of us - after hair cuts! :o
Photos of my very handsome twins, taken with a son's camera. Note to self: "Thou shalt not covet." ;0

Miles and I goofing off... :)
Upon arriving home we sat around painting Easter eggs together. I painted my little eggs with little designs on them (very unoriginal and not at all artistic :o); then I looked up and saw the eggs my family were making - and wanted to HIDE. :o ~ Oh well! LOL ~

Look! There I am, in the mirror taking the photo! :D

My eggs are the ones that look like a little kid did them - the ones with squiggly designs in pink and purple... :) LOL
...Wonderful month with a Wonderful family!  I AM BLESSED BEYOND MEASURE! :D

More photos coming in April - stay tuned! :)

Corine :D

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Birthdays and Other Such Fun... ;0

Here is the first part of the first blog post I wrote before posting this week, thus the first liner...

Soooo much has happened since I last wrote here... (I KNEW) I should have been here every week!  :o Where do I start? :o

OK. Quick recap of life - in February - ...

*I started running again. I'm incredibly pleased at how quickly my body responded to running this year. It is obvious that I actually created a foundation for running! Yeah! :D Mindy is also running now, and Devry has been running off and on as well. I'm so excited!!!!  :D Now to get the other two running and we can do a family running relay together as a family!!!! :)

*As if Valentines Day wasn't enough to make a month great (I love February! :D)... 
I was celebrated over a birthday. :) 

Ha! :D I look so funny here...
But I love seeing Miles in this photo
'cause he looks so happy to see me happy! :)
My birthday was just so peaceful. I was showered with gifts, hugs, love... and treated like a Queen. Early in the day I was showered with love by Miles and Mindy before they headed off to work. All three of my sons made time to be with me. More than once, I overheard these wonderful teen sons on the phone with friends, "not today. We're celebrating my mom's birthday." They stuck around to spend time with me. Pretty cool!...  :D

I wish my older boys would let me get a photo like this! I cherish my hugs from each one of them!
And there was a little time spent ~ Just chillin' :) Dausen has a great sense of humor! :D I love it when he shows us funny photos and videos from his I-Pod! :D We get stuck on the couch and can't leave - because he always has "another good one" to show us. Devry does the same thing with jokes etc. Man I love these kids! :D

Now, for a Quick recap of life - in March- ...

March was a truly good month in the department of family time. :) So much of the time we have allowed the business of life to keep us from spending good quality time just ENJOYING each other without distractions. But in March Miles and I made a special effort to stop letting things get in the way of family. We had some wonderful family times and made great memories. :)

*To kick start the month, Levi had a birthday. :D In addition to a wonderfully delicious yet strange looking cake with root beer flavored frosting, Levi received for his birthday (mostly from Mindy)... (roll the drums here please ;o)... about 7 bags of Doritos. LOL

*In mid to late March I started biking again! :) It is a slow start on the bike- breaking in my bum as well as my feet. :o But I'm excited about it. Last year I biked for only two months, (the first two months for many years). This year I hope to bike for at least 6 months (end of Mar through September - it is too cold here to bike during the winter months).

*Dausen decided to do a photo project and asked me to to got outside and choose a location with him. :) I loved that. It probably lasted only 15 minutes, but I cherish that time with him. :) This was his experiment photo...

BTW - Dausen is such a WONDERFUL person to be around! I LOVE his soothing disposition and always get excited when he asks me to do things with him. really enjoy our time together :)

*Plugging away at life. I made a collage to remind us all of the house rules, family creed, and habits we desire to establish well. Of course I threw a few photos on just to make it pretty and fun. :)

(photo of wall collage here)

*And Dakota came to visit us!!! :D He and Devry met years ago and Dakota became a friend of the family. He has been very close to us for many years now. A dear friend of the family - or rather, an "adopted" family member. He truly is...

Anyhow.. There was arm wrestling...

...and doge ball (among all the lounging about visiting etc.)...

*Miles and I also got to go see a play that Dakota was in. Dakota was FABULOUS! :D (Yeah, we're so proud of that kid you'd think he was ours. ;)

*The icing on the cake was Easter Day. I'll tell you about that tomorrow... :)

I hope you are having a wonderful week and keeping up with your reading! ;)
Au Revoir for now... ;)

Corine :D