Sunday, 14 April 2013

Easter Sunday ~ 2013

Dear Friends and Family,

How great it has been catching up with you, and hearing back from some of you; thank you! :D I am nearing the end of "catch up" so you may not see me again here on this blog until next weekend (Remember to come back weekly on Sundays!). But I do have one more post in this catch-up series of  posts, and that is THIS POST - in which I remember how we spent our wonderful Easter day this year...

The best day of March was definitely Easter Sunday... 

We had a nice breakfast... :)

After using muffin tins I used tiny Bundt cake pans (narrower on the bottom); they worked great! :D
Then we went to church - and loved it! :D 

Of course, it being Easter and all, Miles and I stuffed a few plastic eggs with candy and let the "kids" hunt them down. :D ~ You're never too old to have fun! ;) We also enjoyed a little spiritual time as a family, watching a video about the Resurrection of Jesus Christ... 

In addition, we all went to Tubs Hill to enjoy the beautiful sunshine and spring time together as a family. We had three cameras with us, and had a wonderful and relaxing afternoon just taking photos of each other and the surroundings, and enjoying each others company. IT WAS SO NICE! :D We wished we had cut hair and dressed for photos because these are the only recent photos we have so a few of them are going up on the wall! (I'll show you the wall when I get it done.)

It was so much fun watching them take photos of each other (and themselves and each other). :)

Miles is such a great husband! ~ I REALLY want to take a new photo of the two of us - after hair cuts! :o
Photos of my very handsome twins, taken with a son's camera. Note to self: "Thou shalt not covet." ;0

Miles and I goofing off... :)
Upon arriving home we sat around painting Easter eggs together. I painted my little eggs with little designs on them (very unoriginal and not at all artistic :o); then I looked up and saw the eggs my family were making - and wanted to HIDE. :o ~ Oh well! LOL ~

Look! There I am, in the mirror taking the photo! :D

My eggs are the ones that look like a little kid did them - the ones with squiggly designs in pink and purple... :) LOL
...Wonderful month with a Wonderful family!  I AM BLESSED BEYOND MEASURE! :D

More photos coming in April - stay tuned! :)

Corine :D


  1. I love your family! Thanks for sharing your wonderful Easter.

    1. Valerie! :D I'm so happy to see you here; thanks for your nice comment! :D And by the way, you know I love your family, too... You and your husband are amazing! :)

  2. Such a heartwarming post my friend :) looks like you had an amazing Easter.

    1. Thank you... And yes, it was definitely an AMAZING day! I could stand to re-live that day over and over again! :D