Saturday, 13 April 2013

Birthdays and Other Such Fun... ;0

Here is the first part of the first blog post I wrote before posting this week, thus the first liner...

Soooo much has happened since I last wrote here... (I KNEW) I should have been here every week!  :o Where do I start? :o

OK. Quick recap of life - in February - ...

*I started running again. I'm incredibly pleased at how quickly my body responded to running this year. It is obvious that I actually created a foundation for running! Yeah! :D Mindy is also running now, and Devry has been running off and on as well. I'm so excited!!!!  :D Now to get the other two running and we can do a family running relay together as a family!!!! :)

*As if Valentines Day wasn't enough to make a month great (I love February! :D)... 
I was celebrated over a birthday. :) 

Ha! :D I look so funny here...
But I love seeing Miles in this photo
'cause he looks so happy to see me happy! :)
My birthday was just so peaceful. I was showered with gifts, hugs, love... and treated like a Queen. Early in the day I was showered with love by Miles and Mindy before they headed off to work. All three of my sons made time to be with me. More than once, I overheard these wonderful teen sons on the phone with friends, "not today. We're celebrating my mom's birthday." They stuck around to spend time with me. Pretty cool!...  :D

I wish my older boys would let me get a photo like this! I cherish my hugs from each one of them!
And there was a little time spent ~ Just chillin' :) Dausen has a great sense of humor! :D I love it when he shows us funny photos and videos from his I-Pod! :D We get stuck on the couch and can't leave - because he always has "another good one" to show us. Devry does the same thing with jokes etc. Man I love these kids! :D

Now, for a Quick recap of life - in March- ...

March was a truly good month in the department of family time. :) So much of the time we have allowed the business of life to keep us from spending good quality time just ENJOYING each other without distractions. But in March Miles and I made a special effort to stop letting things get in the way of family. We had some wonderful family times and made great memories. :)

*To kick start the month, Levi had a birthday. :D In addition to a wonderfully delicious yet strange looking cake with root beer flavored frosting, Levi received for his birthday (mostly from Mindy)... (roll the drums here please ;o)... about 7 bags of Doritos. LOL

*In mid to late March I started biking again! :) It is a slow start on the bike- breaking in my bum as well as my feet. :o But I'm excited about it. Last year I biked for only two months, (the first two months for many years). This year I hope to bike for at least 6 months (end of Mar through September - it is too cold here to bike during the winter months).

*Dausen decided to do a photo project and asked me to to got outside and choose a location with him. :) I loved that. It probably lasted only 15 minutes, but I cherish that time with him. :) This was his experiment photo...

BTW - Dausen is such a WONDERFUL person to be around! I LOVE his soothing disposition and always get excited when he asks me to do things with him. really enjoy our time together :)

*Plugging away at life. I made a collage to remind us all of the house rules, family creed, and habits we desire to establish well. Of course I threw a few photos on just to make it pretty and fun. :)

(photo of wall collage here)

*And Dakota came to visit us!!! :D He and Devry met years ago and Dakota became a friend of the family. He has been very close to us for many years now. A dear friend of the family - or rather, an "adopted" family member. He truly is...

Anyhow.. There was arm wrestling...

...and doge ball (among all the lounging about visiting etc.)...

*Miles and I also got to go see a play that Dakota was in. Dakota was FABULOUS! :D (Yeah, we're so proud of that kid you'd think he was ours. ;)

*The icing on the cake was Easter Day. I'll tell you about that tomorrow... :)

I hope you are having a wonderful week and keeping up with your reading! ;)
Au Revoir for now... ;)

Corine :D


  1. I loved catching up with you and your family! I'm sorry I haven't been by sooner. Life is so crazy these days! Everyone looks so happy and content. I love that. It's evident there is great love between each member of your family.

    PS - I love the photo from the photo project. Great job!

    1. Thanks, Ginger. Life is good, and it just keeps getting better. :)
      LOL over the project photo! :D I forgot to take that photo and post it! :o LOL ~ I'll have to do that, then go back and add it. Thanks, Ginger... Hugs, Corine :D

  2. Happy belated birthday my friend!! :)

    I really enjoyed reading this post and catching up.

    1. Thanks, Keith; I'm glad you endjoyed it! It's great to see you here! Corine :D