Hi! :D ~ Welcome to the Moore Memoir! 

In an effort to keep in touch with family and friends much better than I have - and to retain memories for my family, I have created this family blog. I'm very excited about this blog and hope that many friends and family will come here and be a part of it, so don't be shy about making yourself known. Please feel WELCOME here. :) I'm counting on word of mouth and anxious to see which of my friends and family join me in the comment section.

What you can expect - I have another blog in which I write about all kinds of things. But here I intend to simply write about my family and things which pertain to my family's lives. I plan to blog each weekend, or at least every other weekend. Sunday evenings after church is a good time to kick back and read from the Moore Memoir...

New to blogging??
If you are interested in reading past posts but don't know what you want to read look to the right of the posts for the Blog Archive. You can click on the little triangle next to each month and titles of the posts written that month will drop down for you to click on the one you want to read. You can also go to the label cloud to see what has been written on a particular topic. If you want to leave a comment - Just scroll down to the bottom of the post and click on "comment" to write in the drop box. If you have no "account" to post from, you can comment under "Anonymous" and state your name. Feel free to comment on any posts regardless of when they were written.

Let me know if you have questions or need further assistance...

Thanks! And hope to see you again soon! :)
Corine  :D

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