Magical Moments

The alarm goes off... 

We wake.

Dress; Shower; Work; Pay bills; Clean house...

Juggle work with talents, hobbits, family, and friends.

We try to make time for the things we love, among all the seemingly urgent tasks that must be done.

Maybe we have great ambitions, maybe we don't. Some ambitions seem to take years to reach. But we know we will find joy in reaching a desired end - so we dream, and we work - 

Sometimes we wait until dreams are fulfilled to allow our selves to feel joy...
And sometimes we find Joy in the Journey! :D

Each day is filled with magical moments of wonder! Many of these, completely unplanned and not having anything to do with our big ambitions! Our sacred task is to SEE, seize, and APPRECIATE these magical moments and feel the joy! :)

These unplanned moments are treasures to remember; and so I write... I also desire to spread the joy! :D

It is my hope that as you watch me develop the skills of penning down those sweet and wonderful moments that make life so rich - you too will feel inspired to sharpen your own skills of discerning and appreciating More Joy in your own lives! :)

Please... feel comfortable and welcome to read and comment here on my blog - whether we are dear friends, acquaintances, or have never even met; thank you for visiting and being a part of my joy filled journey! :D

...wishing you a joyful journey, too

Corine :D

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  1. Yikes! How long has it been since I started this blog with this goal? I have YET to "DEVELOP" the gift and habit of "penning down those sweet and wonderful moments that make life so rich!" :o :/ I may just have to start going back in time to make some childhood memories. Praying for the habit and skill!!! Corine :)