Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Weekly Highlights... :)

Our weekly update, with some input from Mindy. :)

Hi! :) Mindy got a new hair cut! :D She is SOOO cute! :)


...is taking his princess to the Prom... These are the bribes... ;)

He is also making her a card! sigh.... :)

Dausen...  (Isn't he handsome? :)

LOL - Oh wait, that isn't Dausen (but he IS handsome; don't you think?). That's a picture Dausen drew. :o Not bad, eh? :) (One day Dausen's going to be rich and famous! And he will draw beautiful pictures for his mother... :)

Oh my gosh - I LOVE this boys eyes and smile (I just love ALL of him)!!! :)

...is off camping in the snow pulling a sled, after hiking about a mile to camp with all his camping gear on his back (what a stud! ;D) (Since I'm not camping with him I don't have a photo of the event; this will have to do! :o

Miles -(This part by Mindy. ;)
"Isn't he a cutie? X)

My daddy has a semi-new job working with at-risk youth. He's great with kids and super understanding with them. I know that he loves the job and we're very proud of him and his giving nature.

And then, as always, he's into sailing. I recently had somebody tell me that sailing isn't a real sport. My response? Blasphemy! :) My father definitely passed that love on to me. :)

" - End of Mindy's babbling. :)
And finally - about ME :)...

I, Corine :), have decided it is time to update my profile picture from this...

(...taken in July, 2012 - before I left FB for a couple of years)

 to this...

Don't you just love my gorgeous purple scarf? My beautiful mom made it for me! :)
 or this...

(...taken after a lot of hair growth and even some hair cuts! - wow- way behind! LOL
PS. I LOVE the color of the sky in these photos!
Colorful skies are a big part of the reason sunset is my favorite time of day! :)

But this is not all. I have one more personal highlight to share today...
I received, the most beautiful SNAIL MAIL! :D

I looked in my mailbox every day to see if it was here yet (yes, I knew it was coming :).
So I was not "surprised" to see it.

And yet - I think my eyes got REALLY BIG when they finally fell upon this bright, cheerful, colorful gem... I got so excited I couldn't wait to get to the car to open it! :D I know - I am just like a kid! :o  LOL :D

Anyone else want to send me some snail mail? Go ahead - make my day! ;) Seriously... Here's my address if you're interested... :) (Be SURE to include your address so I can return the fun to you!)

Corine Moore :)
PO. Box 1143
Hayden Idaho, 83835

OK. that's enough highlights for this week. Come back again next week for more, Moore Memoirs! :) 
Corine :D

And Mindy... 

Note: Yo peoples! This is Corine's daughter, Mindy. I want to apologize for the late update. We wanted to have this up for you all on Saturday. Unfortunately, do to unforeseen circumstances, mom left town and the finishing touches were left... to me....

Never leave your work to a procrastinator. :P Telling a procrastinator to update a blog on time is like telling a child to do their laundry.

In my defense, I was sick these last few days, but I feel much better now! So again, sorry for the wait. I hope you enjoyed it. :) Mwah!

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Committing to Writing Weekly on this Blog... :)

Well it's a new year and I need to get into some kind of rhythm with posting here on this blog! ;P I know I told friends and family in a recent letter that I would be posting here weekly. Almost as fast as I sent that letter, a week went by without a post (last week I didn't write.) "I don't know what to write" I told myself. "I am busy and my mind is preoccupied." Today, I was about to "not write" again... Until I stumbled upon something a friend wrote many months ago, which triggered lessons from my own life - my own blog post "Showing Up" to also come to mind.
"Oh, I'm much too busy, we say.
And we are. But if it's really important to us, shouldn't we put in a little more effort?
In a week or two I'll probably let you in on what has been keeping me busy, but until then...follow your dreams, even if you're afraid that you might be wandering unfamiliar roads.
If the journey were worth starting, then it's probably worth finishing as well." -Jason
And I REMEMBER - Sometimes when we feel inadequate to do something, or don't know what we will say or how we should say it etc., at these times, we just need to DO IT and let the HOW take care of itself...
Therefore, I'm making a commitment today... I'm going over my New Years Resolutions again this week. (I think this might be the first year in my life that I haven't had my New Years Goals written in December and really gone crazy having fun with my goals again on New Years Eve. Better late than never! :) 

One goal I am sure of, however... The goal is to take advantage of this wonderfully efficient means of communication and keep in touch with friends and family - as well as building memories for our family. SO I HOPE no, I CHOOSE to "Show Up" at the computer each weekend - even if I have no idea what I will write! And you (my dear friends and family) can count on my to write a blog post for you to read about the Moore family (or at least one of us ;o). 

For today, however, - you just get my promise... ;)
Wish me luck! :)
Corine :D

Monday, 7 January 2013

Happy New Year!

I hope you are all enjoying the beginning of a new year! New Years Eve is one of my favorite holidays. I love the excitement of dancing and partying with friends and family (this year the kids went to a church youth dance, then we partied at our house until nearly 2 AM), but New Year's is so much more than that!

I know it may sound strange, but I also love the goal setting aspect of it all. I love starting fresh and new with a new year in which to see what I can accomplish and what good changes I can make in my life. I like to look forward to trying new experiences and developing new talents. I love molding life! :D 

Last year my big thing was that I started doing triathlons. Then I stopped working out a lot (for the past 4 months - yikes!). Now I have to start over in a way. But not entirely... My body had to have gained some kind of foundation from all of that. So it's time to start again and to build on that foundation, as well as to begin some new adventures. :) I'm still figuring out what they will be so I can't let you in on the secret just yet. ;) But maybe you have set your New Years goals already... Tell me, what are you looking forward to this year?

To discover what we will be doing this coming year, you will just have to come back each Sunday or so to watch life unfold. ;) I will give you a pre-peak on the coming week or so, however... In the very near future I hope to grace you with some beautiful photos of our family! :D I know, it has been a while! :o We are finally getting snow here the past couple of days (which I'm excited about! :). I have been determined to wait for snow to take my family out for some family snapshots. Now I simply hope we will all be home at the same time to do it. :o Very soon!

Due to Christmas break I have been on a whole different schedule (not sure I can call it a "schedule" per say), so haven't been writing and posting over here. But I will be back. :) I hope to post something most weekends. Sundays are a good day to come here to see if there is a new post. See ya this weekend! ;)

Corine :D