Friday, 6 September 2013

Summer of 2013!

I miss blogging like crazy!!! I can't believe it has been all summer that I haven't been over here keeping in touch and making memories! Yikes! I truly wish I could remember well and can do some kind of justice to the fun times we have had together as a family this summer!
Where do I start? You know what, I don't think I'm even going to try to catch up (not today anyhow). "Summer was busy. We had fun. And we worked a lot. And there is still a ton of work to do around here... :o" THERE. LOL :D I'll give you a few photos of summer fun and call it good. After all, how can I possibly write the activities and tender moments of an entire summer in one post? Besides, you know what they say... "A picture's worth a thousand words!" :D

Family Night... out for a walk and "Gooey" desert! :)

I just love this sign! :D
Works for Miles and I (and our growing into adulthood... children! :o ~ :D)

Family BBQ

Crazy, Bad-mitten game over the trampoline... ;)


Swimming while camping... :)

Camping at Whisky Rock off Lake Pend Oreille

One of Many beautiful camping photos by Dausen...
Yes, I am SCRUBBING the campsite table and benches! :)
(Probably the first wash in several years! :o)
The rest of the time I relaxed and had fun. It was great! :D

Perhaps I will come back to some of our summer moments and WRITE something. For now, I will be thankful for the moments, documented or not, and wish us all many more... 

Corine :D