Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Do you Wana Build a Snowman? - Events of Today... :)

Today, was a nice peaceful day, and I ended up having the day off! So I decided that for today, I will simply post events of today (it's still the year 2014! :p)

I made a Christmas collage (see last post of Christmas day)...

Today while Mindy and Levi were both working, Dausen decided to decorate the snowman he made when we got that big pile of snow a couple days ago. J Miles and I joined Dausen in the blustery cold, and this was the result of our creation…

Dausen's photos were better than mine...

Upon seeing his photos compared to mine, I asked him to "teach me something." So he did. I love that kid! :) I told him I want him to give me lessons. Then maybe I will do more than just point and shoot on auto! I learned about features I didn't even know my camera had. Here are a couple photos I took of what was right in front of me at the moment he showed me a feature on my camera, which I didn't even know I had. :o

What else happened today? ...

I gave Dausen a hair cut; followed by Dausen trimming his beard…(He didn't want me taking a photo of him in his jammies, so no photo of Dausen today... :o)

Miles and Dausen goofed off with the swords the Missionaries made for our family for Christmas! :)

Note: this photo was taken BEFORE the hair cut. I wish I could have shown you an "AFTER" photo... so handsome! :O
Mindy and I also baked pumpkin muffins for New Years Eve tomorrow night… :D
(I think we'll be OK without a photo of that, too. But... ah, what the heck!

The two in the front are made with wheat cake mix.
The pretty one in the back is gluten free!
And Miles made invitations to pass out to friends and neighbors for some Emergency Classes being offered at his/our SAIL Marine store this weekend! (I’m so excited! Miles is expanding the business with a new component he can focus on during the winter time!!!!) I went over his invitation for errors or to make minor improvements... And I jot got REALLY HAPPY that he decided to do something like this to increase our income! Right now I am busy cleaning houses for income, so I will be his "assistant" but not the core one at work with THRIVE. I ALMOST worked THRIVE a few years ago, but just didn't fit it into my life. 

OK - check out the invitation...
Attention friends and sailors! I’m excited to announce a new component of SAIL Marine! We now have available to you the most delicious freeze dried and dehydrated foods on the planet! In addition to being delicious and compact food storage, it is great for camping, hiking, boating, and much more! AND YOU CAN TASTE IT FOR FREE AT OUR CLASSES!

On January 2nd & 3rd I am hosting three types of classes: Meal in a Jar (MIAJ), Cooking, and Emergency Preparedness classes at the SAIL Marine store at 406 West Miles Avenue in Hayden Idaho, next to Cruze Auto Sales.

Join us to learn about THRIVE Freeze Dried (FD) Foods and Emergency Preparedness Products.

The Thrive foods have a much higher nutrient content than food in the grocery store and yet can SAVE you money every month. The shelf life on many of the products is 25 years un-opened and 1 to 2 years once opened, unrefrigerated. Even THRIVE’S Beef, Chicken, and Pork Sausage have a 25 year shelf life and 1 year after opening.

Great for healthy LOW SODIUM snacks, baby food, and every day in home cooking as well as food storage. Over 120 products are Certified Gluten Free! We will have free samples of some of the delicious THRIVE foods so come and try them for yourself (Children under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian).

Jar meals are $10 with your own jar or $11.50 with our jar. Limit 1 jar per family/couple. We’ll teach how to make the Meal In A Jar (MIAJ) and then cook it so that you can taste before deciding if you want to buy it.

RSVP if possible so that I can have enough samples and food for jars for all. Miles Moore 208-704-4454 or email funtosail@gmail.com


FRIDAY, January 2nd, 2015…
3:PM Emergency Prepareness Meeting
6:PM Cooking Class

SATURDAY, January 3rd, 2015 – Three Meal in a Jar Classes…

LOCATION: SAIL Marine Store (next to Cruz Auto Sales on HWY 95 and Miles Ave.) 406 W Miles Ave., Hayden, ID.

If you are local – consider this an invitation and please come!! It should be very fun and educational! And even if you are not local, if you know about THRIVE foods and want to order any, we can help! :) Just send a note or give us a call! :)

 All in all, it was a very good day.

Time to get some sleep and get ready for a big work day followed by a lot of partying tomorrow! :o 

Corine :D

Christmas Day - 2014

On Christmas day the LDS Elders from our ward, Elder Sanches and Elder Keppner spent most of the day at our house. We gave them soft blankets for Christmas. They made our day with such thankful smiles!!! :) They gave us gifts too! :) Recorders, super cool homemade swords, and Nerf guns... which they also had a plan to help us use! After some fun and games and a nice Christmas meal we all met up at the church with a couple other Elders that we sang with at the Ward Party, and we played "War" and "Capture the Flag!" :D IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!!

I love how the missionaries can be SO SPIRITUAL, and at the same time, such fun loving kids!!!! :D 

This Christmas season was filled with tons of fun as we focused on Christ through service and songs... lighting up peoples faces with Christmas Caroling! It was WONDERFUL... and we have the Elders to thank for spending so much of it with us (We went caroling with the missionaries TWICE)! :)

PS. Levi also made treats and sold them for a church fundraiser to help people in need at Christmas time. Thanks to wonderful neighbors and friends, he sold them all at the last second, but on time! Whew! :) Thanks so much to all of you for the support you give to kids who go about trying to make a difference!!!

We pray you all had a wonderful Christmas season, and have a wonderful Christ filled New Year as well!

Lots of love,
The Moore's :)

Monday, 29 December 2014

Hayden 2nd Ward Christmas Party - 2014

 Hayden 2nd Ward Christmas Party - 2014

Our awesome friend, Dave... Miles just had to photo-bomb this! :D

Me and my awesome friend, Valerie! :D

While everyone mixed and mingled and ate... there was entertainment for an hour and a half!  Let me tell you, there is a lot of talent in our ward! I recorded my family, a couple friends, and the Elders with their song to help them out (mostly I let the moms in the ward record their own kids so my arms wouldn't fall of :o).

- If a picture's worth a thousand words, then how many thousand is a video or two worth? :D...

This video is of Miles and Mindy singing at the church Hayden Second Ward Christmas Party. Miles doesn't hear well, so with all the noise of socializing going on we could not hear the music; so Mindy had to tell him when to sing! :o It was fun for me to watch after knowing this, and a fun memory for Mindy :)...

Now to get that video to the Elders to share with their moms! :o

After the ward Christmas/dinner party our family stayed and helped with clean up, as we do as often as we can...

This time cleanup was followed by spontaneous singing of Christmas Carols (and other fun songs) 'round the piano with brother Zaugg and a few of the local Missionaries! I heard them from the kitchen at the tail end, and just had to go in and film them. :o - They WE HAD SO MUCH FUN! :) (PS. I'm the one behind the camera. (I know, you can't see me... ;o - but you can hear my voice now and then in the video below the pictures! :D)

Left to Right... Mindy, Levi (barely showing), Miles, Elders... :)


As a result, my family and I agreed to get together with the Missionaries again to go Christmas Caroling ~ which we did TWICE! :D ~ What an awesome Christmas Season! :)

I can't believe Miles and I didn't get our sons in this photo with the Elders!!! (We were just thinking "current missionaries, and very soon to be full-time missionaries" for the photo - Mindy is going soon! :D)

PS. Aren't these guys awesome? :D
Do you go to Church Christmas Parties? 
If not, then you should! You never know what fun and good can come of it! :D
There may be missionaries there, and believe me, they really know how to party! :)

Enough for today... I will return to this blog tomorrow with more memories. Probably of Christmas day, then I will move on to other days and topics through out the year 2014. 


Corine :D

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Plans to Document 2014 - Before it Ends!!!

Hi. :) I know I have been ENTIRELY INCONSISTENT - and therefore, I probably have no followers on this blog. But I decided that the real tragedy is not having the posts for the sake of making memories...

Therefore, I have decided to set a really CRAZY goal... to post at least one memory each day for the next week (maybe more :o) - to preserve some memories of 2014. :) I'm excited! Even if not even one friend, family member, or stranger sees these posts this week... I think my family (and even me myself) will one day thank me! ;D

So... here's to waking at 5 AM for the next week to find time to write again! :D Wish me luck!!! :D

...coming soon! :)

Corine :D