Sunday, 8 January 2017

New Years Celebration - Japan Style! ;D - Mostly, MISSIONARY MIRACLES! :D

Hi all! I accidentally posted my missionary daughter's letter on another blog of mine... then again HERE (LOL, meant to go HERE). I decided to leave it - everywhere - as a reminder/memory maker! :D Love you all! Sorry life is way too busy to write much these days! Hugs! :)

Hey family! :D What's up?!

Today, Sister Keiser and I are going to a shrine in Narita to celebrate New Years and see some New Years culture. Even though it's the second, in Japan it's still basically a holiday because of how big New Years is here. It's pretty exciting.

The last three weeks have blown by with tons of amazing miracles from God. I've literally never been so happy or so overwhelmed by miracles in my life. I've been working so hard but it feels so easy. There's little stress that doesn't lead to happiness in the end and little worries I don't forget about as soon as the moment passes. There were a ton of miracles over Christmas and I feel like they are all just building and steam rolling on themselves. 

I've lost a lot of the energy to write unfortunately. Haha. Sorry.

We're working really hard on building up the young women. Watching Hiromi chan with Sara Shimai and her husband Shuugo has been probably the most rewarding experience of my mission, and it isn't even a baptism. I have seen so many miracles and had so many strong spiritual experiences regarding less active members in the church that shock me, that I never expected to have on my mission. It is a huge thing to me and makes me so happy. Hiromi chan has been a struggle but she is finally here, finally coming to church. Watching her bond with ward members and seeing how much they care about her and want to help her is amazing! I just feel so happy that I have been a part of it. 

We had another girl, Angie chan come to church for the first time since I have known her yesterday. And two days ago her sister Naomi told me of her powerful conversion story to the church and to prayer and inpsired me to know how to support her and work with her better. She is so sweet and has such a powerful spirit. Then two days ago we met another one of our youth who through more miracles will be coming to church! Probably with Hiromi and Sara. I am just... so happy. All of these girls minus one talked to us about their friends who they are trying to invite to church and activities and all want help with English. There is SO MUCH to see and do here and I am way excited about it.

The Lord has been placing people in our path crazy ways, when we need to see miracles it has been happening and I have been shocked at the very specific times in which it starts to come.

Over the course of my mission I've come to find that as soon as we repent, as soon as we rededicate ourselves to God and tell Him that we are dedicated to doing our best and to following Him, the blessings of God pour down upon us. God knows our hearts so as long as we are sincere, we can start over immediately, instantaneously at any moment in our lives. That is the mercy of God. This is one of the biggest things that I have learned on my mission. 

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year! Set good New Years resolutions!

Love you all!


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