Sunday, 21 April 2013

Weekend of Fun.. :)

It's Sunday night again, already? This week has just blown by. So much has gone on I can barely breath (let alone write about it). Life is busy and it can be really challenging to make time to blog, but I am really trying to be committed here :), so I'll write this post even if it is at bedtime on Sunday night! :o 

The highlight of the week for the girls was spending Friday and Saturday with Mindy. Miles spent time with the boys while we girls were away. Levi spent time with a friend on Friday night, then on Saturday Miles and the boys all had fun at the theatre and out to lunch. Way cool!

This was - A Well Deserved weekend of fun over here for the whole family! :D

This post is mostly about Time Out For Womenit was fabulous! :)

 I got to join the Staff on Friday with scanning tickets and ushering in happy women. :) The presentations were wonderful (as always). I feel so incredibly blessed that Mindy and I both got to go!!!!

 The view from where we sat - including the view of my shoes (Mindy's actually - but they were on my feet. ;)...

The TOFW theme this year is "Higher" and this is the scripture which accompanies it...

"So are my ways HIGHER than Your ways." Isaiah 55:9

The entire weekend was great - not just during the presentations, but also during lunch break! :D I know... who would have thought that even the lunch break would be great? We helped out with a service project (in which over 400 backpacks were filled with food for kids in need), then we goofed off. If you don't believe me about the "goofing off" just check the photos below. ;) (Sorry, I didn't think to take photos of the service project.)



As if we aren't goofy enough on our own ~
We're somehow even "Goofier" Ahem - I mean "Classier" TOGETHER than apart! ;)
I had so much fun taking photos that SEVERAL people behind us asked me to take photos for them as well. One person even thought it was part of my "job duties." :) LOL I love it! :D

The drive home was also AMAZING! Mindy surprised me by purchasing a CD for me, which we listened to on the way home and which really contributed to making the drive home a beautiful extension of the spiritual feast we had been enjoying together. Before the conference started I assumed the greatest spiritual moments would occur there during the conference, but I was wrong... Being there was wonderful, but it simply set the stage for something better - spiritual moments with my daughter as we discussed the principles that made the biggest impact on us both. I was floored as the feelings and teachings just continued to GROW after we left the conference... We were most definitely inspired to "Think Higher, Believe Higher, and Live Higher!" What an inspirational theme! :D

As soon as we got back from TOFW I dropped Mindy off for work (we sat in the parking lot and talked until the time came), then I went to Stake Conference with my husband. Today we went to conference again as a family. I loved it! It was extra special this time because it was a broadcast from Salt Lake, and the talks were fabulous! After church some dear friends stopped by to see us (who stayed for dinner), and we ended the day watching a movie together. Nice weekend! :) I'm a happy camper! :D

Time to close this post and get to bed! I'm tired... 
Have a great week, and see you soon... 

Corine :D

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