Monday, 8 April 2013

Playing Hooky! :D

Today ends the week of rest from school. The week in which kids no longer have to "play hooky"  to lounge around in their pajamas and sip hot cocoa while drawing rather than schooling...

Yes. Today marks THE END of "Spring Break." That wonderful, monumental week that is valued so greatly - even if it is raining and ones father has to work - so you stay home rather than travel abroad for the adventure of a lifetime (OUCH! Who would have thought that working for someone could be so painful? :o There is much to be said for self employment!)

Spring break isn't the ONLY time my kids have been found to draw or play games on "school" days. A few weeks ago Levi stayed home from school, sick. He really was sick. He slept it off, though, and eventually, he and I, and his brother Dausen chatted over lunch ~ about me :) ~ when I was a Senior in High school, and of how I actually did play hooky from school (Word of advice here... Never tell your kids the things you did when you were their age - that you don't want them to do! ;o).

FYI - My friend's name was Lisa. Lisa Minich. Lisa was the master mind and I was her accomplice. Together she and I left the school grounds by foot and walked over to a restaurant that one of her graduated friends worked at. Her friend served us Teriyaki chicken. YUM! :D

But the hooky didn't stop there. No... I also played hooky, one class at a time, whenever my friends had seriously challenging problems and needed someone to talk to. (Detention was a familiar thing and just gave me more time to socialize! :)) I was a natural counselor! ;) (I really would have loved a counseling occupation.) Come to think of it - all my kids are like that! Cool! I raised a brood of little counselors! :D But that's another story. Moving on... :)

Anyhow, shortly after our lunch conversation (the one in which my kids and I discussed me playing hooky from school when I was a teenager), I found my sick but recovering son - playing video games with his older brother, Dausen, who was supposed to be busy with homeschooling...

Naturally, I stuck my head in the room and protested with the same tone of voice and posture you might expect to see from Angie Lopez on the George Lopez show (We love that show. Angie reminds the family of me - some of the time :o)...


"Hey! You guys aren't supposed to be gaming! Levi is supposed to be resting and Dausen is supposed to be getting his schooling done!"

Dausen is ever so witty... :) He came through as he always does - very mater of factually and with a slight smile showing in the right hand corner of his lips (actually, it was his left, which looked to be on my right looking straight on ;0)...

DAUSEN: "Mom... We're playing hooky!"

ME: "What? You're NOT playing hooky! I didn't give you the day off!"

Dausen Looks at me with a little chuckle and a look in his eyes that says, "You've got to be kidding!" Then he opens his lips, and they give me a message as well!

DAUSEN: "Mom... How many people do you know (pause here...) who "ask for permission" - to play hooky?" ;)

...Dausen gave me the STARE DOWN HERE...

Forward to the future - IE. right now, and all I can say is this...
  • I'm really glad that I was a REALLY GOOD KID and didn't do much more than "play hooky!" ;)
OH, AND...
  • I stand corrected! :) Dausen REALLY DID PLAY HOOKY! :o ~ lol
As of today, however - Spring break is OVER! It's time again, for school! :D
Happy return to school days everyone!

***PS. Speaking of education, I think part of what makes the world go round is the diversity of knowledge and the talents which stem from knowledge. Part of what makes a person so valuable, is having something to offer that no one else has to offer. This happens as we each pursue education and excellence in our own unique way. If everyone were the same, no one would be special in any way.

No one can be everything. But if we all be the best that we are at being ourselves and really truly excell in the talents God gives to us as individuals... just think at how amazing this world can be?

Having a variety of people who each have different strengths and knowledge to offer - well it makes the world go round! Take that away, and you have a stagnant, unproductive, uninteresting, sad world.

With that in mind, I just read an article from the Washington Post titled "Eight Problems with Common Core Standards."

What do you think of the push for global "Common Core Standards" as opposed to "State Standards?" (Even though these standards are NOT actually internationally benched, or state led) I would LOVE to know what you think...

Happy Schooling!
Corine :D

UPDATE: There is a lot of controversy over the Common Core Standards. 

I just found a Video showing original sources, so you need not worry about opinions that may not be accurate. Look over the facts and use your own common sense to come to your own conclusions...

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