Sunday, 28 April 2013

Moore Hiking (and Other Fun Movements :)

Hi! :D 

I can't believe it's already been a week since I last scrambled to get to the computer to meet my self imposed weekly deadline here on the "Moore Memoir"! :o

So, what is there to tell about? Well.... after church today I wanted to check on a friend whose phone is out of commission. To save time ( ;) - he he) I just put my roller blades on (rather than my shoes, or purse and car keys - OK CONFESSION HERE - The car died at EVERY stop on the way to church and back; we're out of gas. :o Good thing we live close to the church! So... I "HAD" to roller blade. ;) :o ~ Anyhow... Miles noticed that I didn't change out of my dress first - so he asked where the camera was and insisted "I have to get photos of this!"...

So there you have it! (I know, I AM uniquely CRAZY! :o)
Honestly though, I just don't get what all the fuss was about... ;o

(FYI - in case this looks a little "funny," I'll just let you know I was rollerblading BACKWARDS...There. Now that you know, this photo looks rather awesome (instead of funny) doesn't it? ;)
OK. Moving on to more important things... There really isn't too much to tell right now. Except that Devry and Levi both got new haircuts (and styles, similar to each others but they both do it their own way). Also, I finally started planting a few seeds indoors and am thrilled to soon be gardening again. I'll also let you know we're all VERY HAPPY to see spring! :D 

Today... I'll just share a few photos taken from a hike the kids and I went on and call it good...

(The other photos aren't edited, but Devry had some fun on this one... :)


We hope you never tire of seeing photos from Tubs Hill... (We obviously don't! LOL) I could pack up my things and  live there if it were at all practical (or legal). :o If you and your family are ever in need of hiking companions - you know how to get in touch with us! :)

Until next week...

Corine and family :D

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