Saturday, 3 December 2016

Old "Recent Family Tidbits" ;)

Hello World! :D (I have NO IDEA who will read this! I just like to write. ;))

Well, I haven't had a computer in A LONG TIME. It is so sad that I missed so much time to work on the family blog (and the missionary blog). But, I finally got my computer fixed, so now I just have to develop habits again (or just get on randomly again like I used to. lol ;o)

Here is an OLD post I wrote but never posted, most likely some time in February. lol :D I know it's old news, but hey, it's about my awesome family and I want to remember the little stuff... and besides, you never saw it, so here you go! ;D 

NOTE: I did make one change to the old text, today. I crossed out a line and added a new one in after it. Feeling like I could not yet do what I said I would do, discouraged me. It seemed like if I progressed that slowly, I wouldn't really be progressing, anyway... and so I stopped playing. 

But in October (half a year later) I reminded myself that EVERYTHING WE DO MATTERS. And even when it seems like it isn't enough, if it is all you can do IT IS ENOUGH. And it DOES make a difference! 

OK. Enough of that. On with the old news (then titled, "Recent!" ;) - February-ish 2015 -

Recent Family Tidbits...

Levi recently decided to learn how to play a song on the piano. He had never played before. But look at him now! :D

I have also been playing piano. I WISH it was an hour a day. It's more like, maybe an hour or so each week (so far - but hopefully I will find an hour a day to spend at the piano soon)  (hey - it still add's up! It all helps! ;)). I'm working my way through a Junior Hannon book (at the half way point today); and I LOVE it! I have been wondering my whole life what Major and Minor Scales are. Today I learned and practiced playing C Major and A Minor Scales. I'm so excited! :D Playing musical instruments is REALLY good for forcing the right and left sides of the brain to work together! (I'm just guessing this, as it is QUITE a bit more challenging to read sheet music on two different staffs and play both hands at the same time. Whew! Quite a task! :o) I'm hoping I get super smart from playing! ;P

Our family got a package in the mail today... from Mindy. She sent it the beginning of Dec. It was supposed to get to us before Christmas. LOL What a fun surprise! :D

Dausen asked me if I could make Valentine Cookies. I asked him to make them with me. We made big, frosted hearts today. :) I love that boy SO MUCH! He is as sweet as ever! :D We have a wonderful family!! :D

Oh, and Devry is a cashier at Super One now! :D Dausen and I got in his line at the store today. I was a turkey and said something that probably embarrassed him. :o Oh well. He's a survivor! ;o

Happy Day to you all!

Corine :D

December 3, 2016 - And so, for the past two months I have been playing again. Not for an hour a day or even a half hour or even every day, but when ever I can, for as long as I can. :) And I AM improving again. :)


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