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I have been experiencing something wonderful in my life that I really want to share with you... I hope this writing isn't boring; because you just never know... what I am experiencing may end up blessing you, too! :)

First of all, I have been riding my bike, stationary in my bedroom, every morning for 35 minutes at the start of each day (excluding the Holy Sabbath), since January 29 (it will be two weeks tomorrow! :D). I have only missed one day. :)

Me on my bike right after Miles surprised me with it. Isn't he a sweetie? :D
It may not seem like much, but this small act it is changing my life. I decided to do it for only 35 minutes for ONE reason... to break my behind in so I can do more. ;) I have since determined that it was really GOOD that I set the time to be short... it makes consistency when trying to redevelop a habit more doable. ;) I have also since determined that once I get back to  serious triathlon training on the road again, I will continue to do small bit of exercise in the quiet of my home each morning. :)

I hope I can help you understand why I don't want to give this up, and how it could be a great idea for you.

My new - Life Altering Habit :D

Perhaps the BEST benefit of biking indoors on my stationary bike comes with it's partner activities... Or maybe it's the powerful combination of having ALL of these together at the start of each new day and throughout the day...

Each morning as prepare to I exercise my body I lay my personal computer before me and download scriptures and a General Conference talk to listen to while I pedal. I listen to the same chapter or talk at least twice, paying close attention, and sometimes listen a third time after showering and while changing clothes and preparing for the day. Then I ponder upon those scriptures while I work, asking the Lord to help me understand and apply what I am learning to my life. I also ask the Lord to show me what I can do to improve myself to be a better Disciple of Jesus Christ (What Lack I Yet?”), and where I should focus my time and energy.

This new habit has given my mind and body a very fresh start for each new day and is changing the way I feel. I've exercised A LOT in my life, and I've read scriptures A LOT, too. But this is a whole new experience!

I am starting to FEEL LIGHTER AND FREER! My mind is clear. I know my purpose. I am not bogged down with activities that promise to deliver and fall short. Other activities are less appealing to me now. And I gotta say... Less is definitely More... :) After examining my life and committing to doing the little things that really matter most then adding ONLY what fits peacefully into my life... I do less, and accomplish more. I waste less time on internet sites. I talk to people in real life more. I even relax more with my family! :) AND I AM LEARNING. :D I AM BECOMING! Nothing feels better than the feeling of PROGRESSION in life!!! :D

Maybe I shouldn't say this is changing my life. The activities etc. I had before doing this, remain. Almost everything in my life is the same, really. But doing this is changing ME! And that changes how my life looks and feels! :)

I have scriptures running through my mind throughout the day, which is causing me to live a more Christ Centered life. I have more peace. I have more hope for overcoming my weaknesses, and more strength and faith for the process. More JOY in the process.

And WHAT IS the process??

One of the talks I listened to reminded me that I need to be humble enough to ask the lord what I lack (what keeps me from moving forward); and then be faithful enough to act on His answer. As I enjoy and take care of my family I try to intertwine these two things... including the Lord in all I do on a more personal level. 

Through pondering upon the scriptures, the Lord is currently teaching me a concept that I have not understood throughout my life (no, it is not the concept of asking what I lack then doing what the Lord counsels; but that is a principle that I used to help me learn this concept I'm not revealing). NOT knowing this principle caused a certain negative experience to REPEAT itself, over and over again throughout my life.

The last time this negative experience BEGAN to take place, the Holy Spirit REMINDED me of this newly learned principle; and I FINALLLY knew HOW to RESPOND appropriately. :D (This is a great blessing to my family! ;))


I know, Miles... you already think I'm wonderful! ;) But you gotta admit, we ALL have room for change/repentance. :)

Friends and family... if you haven't tried this process, you might consider giving it a try! It is life changing!!! I FEEL SO HAPPY ABOUT LIFE as a result of it!!! :D (OK. Yeah. Life was already great. But it can always be greater. Eh? ;)

I hope you try it and that it blesses you in your life too! :)

I love you all!
Corine :D

PS. Here is a link to a stream of photos I found of fathers seeing their babies for the first time...

Aren't they wonderful? :D

I hope you enjoy! :D

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