Wednesday, 3 October 2012

September Blessings...

I have a new blessing to remember. A friend in my ward, who I never even get together with but would love to...  just stopped by my house and brought me these beautiful flowers...

I held back the tears when April gave this to me then lost it the moment she left. How totally and completely unexpected! I was humbled to find myself asking myself, "why? why me? People don't do things like this for me." But they do...  I can't explain how much this means to me...


There are other blessings worth mentioning as well. During the last week of September our family was been INCREDIBLY blessed. I'm no show off, nor do I mean to brag, but I would be foolish not to celebrate or do something to help me to remember. And I would love to publicly thank God for blessing us so much...

*FINANCES - Miles got an awesome job doing what he loves (mentoring youth) with a local company who wants to work with his schedule so he can continue to work his sailing business during the summer (this is mostly a winter job, which is exactly what Miles wanted and needed; Wow! We have needed this SO BADLY for the last 9 years!  I'm SO THANKFUL to Miles for preparing himself and applying for this job; and so thankful to Heavenly Father for making it all possible! :) 

*TEMPORAL NEEDS - We were INCREDIBLY BLESSED with a used suburban in awesome condition. I'm so happy for Miles... :) We were also blessed with a bookshelf and new comfy chair. :)

*SPIRITUAL NEEDS - Miles and I went to the temple together and got to do something especially cool there.

*BUILDING MEMORIES - Mindy was given two tickets to Silverwood Theme Park, so she took me with her and we had an awesome mother/daughter day! :D

...taken while on the Ferris Wheel (which was a total baby ride, so we decided to get on the "Panic Plunge" next... :)

Mindy and I we were both a little nervous about riding the Panic Plunge for the first time. While in line discussing the ride, three young men began talking to us about the ride and our anticipation of it. They gave us tips about how to position ourselves and told us of their experiences. And since we got on the ride before they did, they watched us intently as we came down screaming and laughing... :) It WAS SO MUCH FUN! :D I think these men had almost as much fun watching our reactions, as we had reacting to the ride. :o When the ride ended the employee running the ride asked the onlookers who had the "best" expression. The three men (and a few others) all pointed to me and yelled, "she did! Over here, it was her!" That made me laugh again, especially as they checked my seat to be sure it was dry!  (OF COURSE IT WAS DRY! :o) I suppose it isn't common for a woman of my age to be so new at these things... :o

Mindy and I were pretty shocked to realize how high that ride went. WE were also pretty proud of ourselves for doing something that BRAVE. LOL (...yeah, well, we haven't been to amusement parks very many times in our lives. :o)
Anyhow, we only walked for about 30 seconds when we knew - we HAD to do it again! - AND NOW!

So we did. :D

It was a whole different experience the second time. The view was different since we were looking another direction - what an amazing difference the view makes! But as you can see from the look on the face of the guy who sat next to me... I was still entertaining everyone - doing this strange mixture (undoubtedly impressive ;)) of screaming and laughing all the way down! I think I should have gotten a prize for providing such great entertainment to not only the onlookers from below, but also to the participants who you would think would be fully focused on their own experience! LOL!
Here's the proof... :)

Since everyone seemed to enjoy watching me on my way down the first time, I handed the camera over to an employee with a thankful  request that he get my expression as I came down again. :)
Mindy and I also tried to go to the Women’s Broadcast together, but due to our awesome experience and difficulty leaving Silverwood, we showed up at the conference right before the closing prayer. We tried to watch it on the net when we got home but there were technical difficulties – probably due to the fact that it had only just ended. We are excited to watch it together right away and have another great experience together. By the way... we actually enjoyed being at the stake center together even though we missed the conference. The spirit felt SO GOOD. And it was cool to see the service project in the cultural hall. Mindy and I love the gospel of Jesus Christ SO MUCH and were very sorry to have missed this experience. We LOVE being part of the Relief Society of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! We are sure to plan better in the future...

*TIME OUT FOR FUN, FRIENDS, AND FAMILY - This was earlier in the month (not in the last week of September like most of the rest of these blessings), but our family went to Jamms one night with friends after spending FHE on Tubs Hill together. Sometimes life gets so routine, and it's nice to do get together with like minded friends and do something different. Here is a photo of a couple of the kids talking. I REALLY like the quote on the back of Levi's friend's shirt.

"I trade sweat for strength,
I trade doubt for belief,
I trade cheer for nothing!"

I am SO thankful for positive people and positive words. I think I'll find me a shirt like that. :D

*KIDS GROWING UP – It is FUN watching one of my sons start dating. :) It is FUN to hear another son ask for pencils and see him get back into developing his amazing artistic talents again. It is FUN to watch my kids bring friends over to the house to socialize with. It is FUN to watch my youngest be so faithful in seminary, school, service, and church activities. He is always the last one to leave after church on Sundays because he is taking down chairs and removing trash etc. I LOVE his willingness to serve. :)

ME LEARNING AND GROWING - I love learning. And I have a lot to share. But this post is already too long. Just know that it's been a great month of learning and I'm really happy about that! :D

Well, that's enough rambling about blessings and learning.
Have an awesome day! :D

Corine :D

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