Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Visiting Family - Part One...

This weekend our family went on a little trip to visit some family. It was SO SHORT, but SO WORTH IT! :D

The first visit we had was at a nursing home where Miles' father lives. The time here was short (compared to visiting in his home in past years) but very sweet... Miles sister, Liz, warned us that he doesn't always remember people, including his own kids. Since we haven't been there for a while we knew it might happen to us, especially with kids who change so quickly.

But to our delight - he remembered us ALL. He did ask where Levi was, and was surprised to find out that Levi had grown and changed so much, but he remembered him! :) And he was so happy to see us! :D And we were so happy to see him. He was so sweet. The one heart breaking thing was hearing him ask me if we added onto our house yet so he could move in with us. My heart sank. Years ago when Rose Mary was alive, we spoke of adding on to the house or purchasing another home right next to another for Ray and Rose Mary to live in next door to us, but finances have not permitted either. I think families belong together, and this is hard for me. I would take care of Ray if I could. Enough of that. Moving on to our great visit...

It seems that old age is bringing out the best in Ray as far as personality and disposition go. However, there is that one item... LOL Liz had that little gleam in her eye that told us she had something fun or funny to share, then she said to me and my family, "watch this..." She turned to Ray and asked him, "Where did you get your hat?" He very mater-of-factly, and with incredible sweetness about him replied, "I stole it." :)  LOL Shocked... we all laughed. Dad was NOT a thief, until dementia set in. Liz told us that he used to steal all the flowers and take them to his room. His room was filled with flowers! They had to take the flowers back out of his room to return them to the halls where they belonged. I wish I had known; I would have bought a bunch of flowers for him. I think I will send him some right away. :)

Anyhow, we visited as a family the day we arrived, then Miles returned to visit his father the following day with just his siblings. I think it is great that they were all there and am so glad Miles called his sister and asked her to arrange for all the kids to visit their dad together. I'm so happy that they all made it! :D Here are a few photos...

I like this one because All 4 of the kids are smiling. :)

 We had a short visit with my family and a short trip to the beach as well - both of which were as sweet as they were short - but so worth while!!!!  I LOVE FAMILY! :)

While I visited my family (Sunday after church) Miles went back to visit his dad again, this time with his siblings. After their visit the four of them came back to my family gathering so they could see the kids and I. Again, way short, but sweet.

I have to get going, so I will document the rest of the trip later.

I hope you are having an awesome day! :D

UPDATE: More photos to add! :D

I'm not much of a "lap sitter" but Miles was starting to cry, and I couldn't handle it so I sat on his lap to comfort him.

Smile Miles and Devry...
That's better... :)
(Ta ta for now! ;)
 Corine :D

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