Sunday, 9 December 2012

I Was Asked to Give a Talk... Because I'm "Spunky" - Imagine That... :o

Hi. :) Today I gave a talk at church about celebrating Christmas through service. It was fun. :D (I know, I'm a strange duck ;) I was a little nervous about it because I hadn't given a talk at church for a long time, and since I am so uplifted and inspired at church it was really important to me that uplift and inspire others. I was also nervous because I am so different than most women. I used to wish I were more refined, like the other women at church - more calm... I actually prayed that while giving my talk I would be calm and reverent, rather than excitable. Honestly, I love talking in front of people and when I speak of things I am passionate about I can sometimes be quite animated and loud. So I really prayed to be calm and reverent.

Later on at church the wife of the man who asked me to speak came to me. She told me that when she asked her husband who he would call to give the talk, he told her he would call me, "because I am spunky and energetic..." :) LOL - I hope I didn't disappoint him, because my prayer was answered and I felt really calm!

PS. She also told me that she told her husband that she could think of a second great reason to ask me to speak. She said she knew I would say yes - and that if she needs someone she can depend upon she knows she can call me. That also made me happy. :D 

Isn't it great when people tell others the good things they see in them? I think I'll go out and tell a few people the things I like about them now... :)

PS. If you want to read my talk you can go here to read it.

Have an awesome Christmas season!
Corine :D

Update: The said wife talked to her husband again to remember his exact words then came and told me about it; he said I am"energetic" and "enthusiastic." I'm so glad people appreciate the way I am more than I do! :)

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