Sunday, 2 December 2012

Half a Century YOUNG :)

Miles just turned 50. That's right. He is a half century old young. ;) 

I have wanted to throw a party for him for his 50th for a long time now. And yet, I did all the planning at the last second. :o But at least it happened. :) Yesterday Miles and the boys left the house to help someone move, so Mindy and I had the house to ourselves for preparing. We brainstormed and rummaged through old newspapers and photos.

As I went through Miles' belongs I thought of so many things Miles has done in his life. Some of them I would mention to Mindy and she would write them down. Though I considered postponing the party, my gut instinct told me I was preparing to throw the party that very day and I knew I was somehow preparing. I continued reminiscing and setting aside newspaper clippings and mementos of his life experiences. I also got a little teary eyed now and then as I would come across sweet memories of Miles or words he had written that pulled at my emotional heart strings. Miles is a very special man and I am so blessed to be with him... :)

Miles has done so much in his life that I considered calling off the party and scheduling it for another day - just so I could have more time to adequately highlight his life. I knew our highlight would not be nearly complete. Then I considered the fact that I recently cancelled a surprise party planned for my twins because a friend was out of town. We still haven't rescheduled. One of the things I have strove to do is to let go of procrastinating to have things perfect - and just DO things. It is a great way to live. One thing I've learned is that things have a way of working out when we ACT. :) So Mindy and I decided to do our best with the time we had and go ahead and celebrate.

I had already told Miles that I wanted to take him to the theater for his birthday, so I knew I would be leaving with him when he and our sons returned home from helping a friend. The display wasn't created. The time line wasn't created. There was a pile of newspaper clippings and photos and notes, and some food prepared but not enough...  I would think of people I still wanted to invite and things I needed for the party, but didn't have time to do anything about it. I really wanted Miles to have a good party. As the time approached to leave with Miles I would begin to stress over what needed to be done. Each time I began stressing a peaceful feeling would come over me along with the thought, "don't worry. It will all work out." And it did. :) I made some food. Had supplies for root beer floats and a half snickers bar for the half-century old man. ;) (I told him he could only have half of what he got that day and had to share the other half with me since he is only a half century old). I took Miles to see Breaking Dawn 2. And before we returned home Mindy had done this...  

While Miles and I we were at the show, Mindy made a time line and display table to highlight a few of Miles' accomplishments and achievements. She also made a slide show of photos of Miles from a photo file I compiled. She did awesome! :D

(Drawing of John Lennon on the wall: Miles drew that around the age of 19 or so. It went to Wa. DC.)
My dear friend Valerie offered to help us out with finger foods and invitation phone calls - which I gladly took her up on! Her son made delicious sushi (Not from raw fish. This stuff was GOOD... I am quite impressed!). Valerie made a darling snow man cheese ball and brought a few other finger foods as well. What an awesome friend! :) 

Between Valerie and Mindy, everything I couldn't do was done...

And friends came. :) We had some really great friends come.
I wish I got photos of them all..

People came at different times, so no group photo...
To all of you who did not know about the party - I'm sorry I didn't plan earlier and get invitations out. Please know we tried to invite you by phone. And thank you for being great friends! :D

And to those who miraculously made it to the party at the last minute ... Thank you so much for coming! It rally made Miles' day. :)

Last but not least - To Miles -  I LOVE YOU! - And I am so incredibly honored to celebrate your life with you! :D You are an amazing person! You have led a wonderful fifty years! I can hardly wait to see what you will do with the next 50 years of your life...

Forever and always,
Corine :D

PS. I don't usually post two writings in the same day, but today I posted a writing about our Thanksgiving celebration (must catch up! :o): 
This year's Odd Highlights of Thanksgiving Day 

TTFN! :)


  1. Glad it worked out! It looks awesome. Good job letting go. And good job, Min!!!

    1. Thanks, and welcome! :) I'll pass the compliment on to Mindy.