Thursday, 22 November 2012

This Year's odd Highlights of Thanksgiving Day... :D

Nov. 22, 2012
Thanksgiving Day.  :D

This Thanksgiving was the strangest Thanksgiving we have ever had. But the strangeness of it also made possible some beautiful gems worth recording, so I am finally here to record them...

Miles worked on Thanksgiving Day until evening, so we planned on having our meal late and held off on preparing much of the meal so it would be hot and ready at just the right time. 

It was at this critical time that I suddenly found within me the bursting urge TO ROLLERBLADE! :o "Really?" I asked myself"How could you even let it enter your mind on Thanksgiving Day?" (I suppose I should confess... I'm a rollerblading addict. :o)

But it did enter my mind. And you know what... My awesome kids knew it, and KICKED ME OUT of the kitchen so I could go rollerblading! They ALL FOUR took over cooking and Mindy COMMANDED me -  "GO, - NOW - BEFORE the sun goes down and IT IS TOO LATE!" Can you believe that? :D I honestly tried to stay and cook despite the addiction - but the boys supported Mindy and none of them would let me stay. :D :D (Yes, though  conflicted by the weird prospect of playing while my kids worked - I was nevertheless happy enough to merit TWO smiles here! ;)

 Honestly, the older my kids get the younger I feel. Before you know it we'll be almost the same age!! ;)

This new experience was weird; but it was wonderful, too...  While rollerblading that day I experienced something I could never have experienced on any other day. 

It seemed that the world was almost sleeping. Everything was quiet. There were no cars driving by. No children out playing. Many windows were drawn. And many of the houses were dark, as families had gathered together with family elsewhere...

But now and then I would pass by a home with curtains open... Light shone there, illuminating a dining table with friends and family gathered round enjoying the holiday together. 

It was something I had never seen before while rollerblading. And yet - This was the ONLY activity I witnessed while rollerblading on Thanksgiving Day.

I thought of how strange it was that something one would think to be so common and everyday - could only be seen only on Thanksgiving Day. And I prayed to make and keep it common - at least in my home...

I arrived home just as my husband did. We marveled together over our kids becoming adults so quickly - so thankful for the time with them... :)

After the meal we all watched a movie then cleaned the kitchen together before winding down again. I know it sounds crazy - but cleaning together in the kitchen WAS NICE. :) I'm as thankful for that experience as I am for both he rollerblading adventure and the Thanksgiving feast with family . :)

As I watch my children become adults, I am amazed to realize that the tiny little every day experiences with the people we love and live with day in and day out are the ones that matter most.

I'm so thankful for my wonderful family! :D

Corine :D

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