Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Valentines Day - I Love... :)

I realize that everyone is different. Not everyone celebrates Valentines Day - especially with their families. And some people are greatly disappointed on such days - as they may have grand expectations and a loved one who is not so into the whole thing. I saw one of my adopted daughters (she may not know we adopted her) declare on FB what an awful day it was and how she hated the holiday. I felt sad for her. I also saw that my sweet husband had already gotten on and told her something that I thought was really wise. He said (emphasis mine...),
Just go out and show love and see what happens. I never give with any expectations and if something wonderful happens then great if not then I feel good for giving the gift of love. Christ showed the ultimate love yet he was crucified... but still on the cross he said "forgive them for they know not what they do." I wish I had that kind of love... I am working on it. (Name of friend here) you know you are loved by our family so right now I want to wish you a wonderful Valentines Day!
I didn't add a comment, I figured he had said it all! And how wise and true. But I did tell her I love her on her homepage.

Valentines Day caused my husband and I to both let her know we love her on a day when, perhaps we might not have without it - so I love Valentines Day because I love people! I only wish there was a way for me to show ALL of my friends and family that I love them on Valentines Day (there is only so much time in one day! :o). Thank the lord there are 365 days in a year! :)

I want to say something about part of the comment Miles made to our dear friend, for I believe it to be a key to enjoying life and feeling thankful for your many blessings... 
Just go out and show love and see what happens. I never give with any expectations and if something wonderful happens then great if not then I feel good for giving the gift of love.
Miles is always happy with every holiday, because he truly has no expectations! Occasionally, circumstances are such that I don't do something I might usually do for a particular occasion. I may feel bad about it and he just assures me that it is OK and that all he needs IS ME. :) Everything I do for him is some wonderful and unexpected bonus in his life! He is truly amazing! He has been a great example to the "idealist" within me and I keep working on being more like him in that way! :) By the way, I also love knowing that I don't have to feel trapped or pressured into doing something for him, so the gifts I give him truly are gifts from my heart. One can't give something which is demanded...

OK Enough of the philosophising, and on with the family memories... :)

Hadn't yet gotten the syrup on the table when this photo was taken. I also made sugar cookies. :)

As for how most people celebrate Valentines Day, I think that usually when people do celebrate it is between themselves and their romantic mate. But as you already know - I am an nontraditional girl in many ways. :) At our house Miles and I usually have a personal celebration with each other AND a family celebration as well (but not always on the same day). When the kids were little they made valentines for each other. One year, one of our sons, Dausen, spent hours making a huge PILE of Valentines for our family (several per person!); We all loved it! :D I hope he knows how much that meant to each of us!

As the kids have gotten older, it seems that they stopped making valentines for each other, but they still enjoy a FAMILY ONLY - Valentines Day party! :) 

This year I made a big valentine for each of the kids while my husband made little hearts with messages of love. I planned on making little Valentines with him, but he got done before I did and the kids were waking as we finished, so he was the only one who got to do the little hearts. As we heard the kids stir from their slumbers, we quickly taped the valentines and hearts all over the kids doors and walls near their doors. I also made heart shaped pancakes and had some fun drinks to go with them - and little heart candies all over the table for that extra little touch. :) I just wish we had not procrastinated so we could have gotten valentines to some of our "adopted kids" away from home.

By the way, this year Miles and I also made cards for each other and went out for lunch together. :D It isn't in the budget to go out to eat very often, so this is a special and rare occasion for us. It's nice to just get out together and enjoy a nice meal in quiet with just the two of us... :)

I sincerely hope those of you who do celebrate Valentines Day had a good celebration, and if you didn't - that next year, or today, or tomorrow - will more than make up for it! :)

Love you all ~ 
...Corine :D


  1. A Valentines to remember... Love you Sweety!

  2. Replies
    1. I'll second that... :D P.S. It's these "sweet" moments I FOCUS on to keep me going during the moments when he is a "turkey." ;)