Sunday, 10 February 2013

Dances, and Youth Who KNOW...

I share with you now, a couple priceless gems from this past week… :)

*Devry went to the prom... (I'm so thankful that the sickness came after the prom!) I know I showed off the gifts he gave to his girlfriend on the last post. On this post, you get to see a couple photos of them together, on the evening of the prom...

Aren’t they cute? J
They are such good kids! :)

*I was reminded (yet again) that the youth of our day - though they may seem quite ordinary - are even more extraordinary than I supposed! They KNOW and embrace truth, even during trials and when it requires sacrifice to do so... (In this case, the amazing and awesome Levi reminded me of this. :D He continues to amaze and delight me! :)
Me and my extraordinary 14 y.o. Can you tell I LOVE him? ;) 
After arriving home I found out that Levi no longer had a ride to early morning seminary, as the person he had just started riding with switched to release time at the start of the new semester (while I was away). So I asked him if he was waking his father to drive him to seminary. He told me that since his dad gets off work so late at night he didn’t want to wake him – therefore he had been WALKING, in the COLD, DARK early mornings – leaving at 5:30 AM…This fine, 14 year old boy - (while his mother was out of town and completely of his own accord) - woke himself, showered, got ready for school, and then left the house BY FOOT – at 5:30 AM with a heavy backpack on to study the scriptures with other youth before school…Levi, I am SO PLEASED with you! :D

There is no doubt about it… Despite the problems and wickedness abounding in the world on every side – There is still SO MUCH BEAUTY ALL AROUND – I am so enjoying, looking for evidence of the truth to what President Uchdorf told us at the last General Conference:

“No matter our circumstances – no matter our challenges or trials – there is something in EACH DAY to embrace and cherish. There is some thing in each day to bring gratitude and joy if only we will see and appreciate it. Perhaps we should be looking less with our eyes, and more with our hearts.”
Dieter F. Uchtdorf
General Conference 2012

I think I'll leave you with an inspiring media which shows another youth who knows...

With such diligent, beautiful people in the world, this truly is a wonderful time to BE ALIVE! :)


  1. He IS truly Awesome! As are the other youth here. I'm so impressed with these kids! :)